A few days after a first music video for the title-track single, acoustic indie/slowcore side-project of Frédéric Aellen (The View Electrical) Rosalyn just officially released its debut EP called ‘Single Mother’ for CD/Digital through No Sun Records.

In addition to the official release-news, Rosalyn also shared the full EP for FREE streaming on Bandcamp while a first full-length record called ‘All Your Silences’ is already in the pipe for an official release planned on March 1st 2019.

Get your CD/Digital copy / Stream the ‘Single Mother’ EP on Bandcamp
…For the record…

Rosalyn was born right after the release of ‘Heiligenstadt’, The View Electrical’s sophomore album. Frédéric Aellen (vocals/guitar) immediately felt the urge to start something different, more acoustic and intimistic, closely related to his early demos. « I started to make music, at home, with my guitar and a laptop as sole companions.

Thus, instead of pointlessly waiting for some potential gig offers, Frédéric Aellen, whose day job involves teaching pre-teens, left the business imperatives aside and, once again, locked himself away in the No Sun studio during the whole summer with his long-time collaborator Raul Bortolotti (Abraham, Kruger, Orso, The View Electrical) at the controls.

As a result, no less than sixteen slowcore sensitive tracks, minutely crafted with the kind help of the string trio Betty’s Kitchen and multi-instrumentalist Adriel Rüfenacht (piano), everything mixed and mastered in London by Kenny Jones (Dead Can Dance, The God Machine).

No doubt that the partisans of the incandescent rock distilled by The View Electrical will be quite surprised with these four songs featuring on « Single Mother », first apparitions in Rosalyn’s haunted house. However, the fans of nostalgic and mesmerizing guitars can already rejoice : the album « All Your Silences » will be out March 1st 2019.

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