About two years and a half after the release of its debut album ‘Orchard Street 164’ (2016, Casbah Records), Swiss indie-rock – with electronic and blues elements – trio from Geneva Pilots On Mars officially released a brand new full-length record called ‘Eternal Face’; released through CD, LP & Digital through Urgence Disk Records and the main legal platforms (iTunesSpotify…).

In addition to the official release-news, the band also shared the entire effort for free streaming on Bandcamp.

Stream the whole record on Bandcamp | Buy the LP Edition of the album / Digital version

…For the record…

Pilot On Mars is defined like a road movie by is frontman Chet, singer and ripped character. Next to him, we can find Bastien Dechaume, a super cool unhealthy guitarist, and finally Joe Baamil, a pianist who once shared the same scene as NTM with his hip-hop band.

In 2016, the trio recorded a first album called ‘Orchard st 164’ under the direction of Matt Verta-Ray, an emblematic figure of the American independent rock. The result ? Dizzying for some, essential for others. The goal: get back to basics, get closer to the roots of the blues, as an attitude, but also in the sounds by focusing on the simplicity of the agreements.

Less than three years later and after a bunch of gigs in its native country, the band is back with a second full-length effort called ‘Eternal Face‘.

For fans of John Spencer Blues Explosions, David Bowie, Radiohead, Chet Baker…

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