Swiss heavy shock-rock five-piece DarkFlow premiered first single “It’s All For You’ // New album ‘6’ coming out digitally on November 22!

“The more you listen to our music, the more you would realize that our world is a horrible place” (DarkFlow)
New swiss band launched by experienced musicians from the local rock and metal scene DarkFlow is about to give birth to its debut full-length record called ‘6’ and coming out digitally on November 22 through all streaming services.

A physical release is also expected for the next months but in the meantime, the band just premiered a first single called “It’s all for you” on Bandcamp, YouTube etc.

….For the record…

DarkFlow is a “dark shock rock” band from Switzerland.
One day a few years ago Sean Horror and Flow got together to see if they could create an interesting, varied and welcome musical style in rock / metal music.
These two thrash metal fans wanted to mix their influences (King Diamond, Megadeth, Monkey3) in a more rock than metal style. DarkFlow was born, then gradually but in a chaotic way, the line-up was completed around Sean Horror & Flow with the arrival of Fil, bassist by state and former member of the group Favez, Colt, jazzman drummer and TwentyBlood keyboard.
Finally, after a long period of dark moments, madness and writing, DarkFlow has managed to record their debut album titled ‘6’, due in digital exclusive on November 22 on all legal digital platforms before an expected physical release. next year.

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