As announced a few weeks ago with the single “Liars”, Swiss heavy-rock/stoner/noise/grunge/punk duo FAT WANG (with members of local bands Dunwitch and Soda Machine) just released its debut album called ‘Guru’ for LP & Digital on Cold Smoke Records (Bunkr, Hey Satan, Ogmasun, The Burden Remains) and the main legal platforms (iTunes, Deezer, Spotify…).

In addition to the official release-news, the band also streamed the entire effort for FREE streaming and download on Bandcamp.

Stream the full-effort on Bandcamp || Buy your limited LP edition on Cold Smoke Records
…For the record…

Loud Heavy Rock duo from Switzerland, mixing loud distored guitar & hard hitting drum riffs, FAT WANG is great in the art of making you wake up with a big buzzing in your ears that will last 2 weeks. A shitload of amps for a fuck ton of noise.

Playing together since 2017, the two Swiss rockers quickly recorded a debut effort called ‘If You’re Thirsty, Suck A…’ released digitally on Bandcamp, the band is about to give birth to its first album planned on Spring 2019.

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