And now, after the European stages, Coilguns burn the studio for a amazing 4-tracks live session.

Just back from an acclaimed and sold-out European tour with Birds In Row and Ken Mode, Swiss hardcore/noise maestros Coilguns just shared a massive 4-tracks “Live In The Studio” session recorded a few months ago in Ireland and available right now on YouTube.

In addition to this new session, the last album from the band, called ‘Millenials’ and released on January 2018, is still availble for CD, LP & Digital editions through Hummus Records (Emilie Zoé, H E X, Ølten…).

“While Coilguns are a hardcore band on paper, their experimental, jam-based approach brings in elements of sludge, “post-“, math and outright noise to produce ominous, turbulent and cryptic tracks. We’re excited to premiere a more intimate live set than their usually wild performances, which offers some insight into the unconventional aspects of their style!” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Watch the “Live Room Belfast” session by Coilguns | Stream the album ‘Millenials’ for full on Bandcamp
…For the record…

Coilguns is one of the proud flag holders of the 2.0 DIY scene since their inception in 2011 when they accidentally formed with the purpose of playing fast and simple music.

After releasing a first homemade EP – they sign to Pelagic Records and quickly the band becomes the main activity of its three members while in 2012 guitarist Jona Nido founds its own label – Hummus Records – counting until now more than fifty releases including all Coilguns music.

Recording their music live and uncut, generally written and recorded on the spot wherever they were at the moment, sometimes on the other side of the world when touringwith their former band, German post-prog-metallers The Ocean, Coilguns sums up a total of four EP’s and one full-length ‘Commuters’, including guest appearances from Pete Adams (Baroness) and Keijo Niinima (Rotten Sound) was released in February 2013 through Hummus Records // Pelagic Records.

In 2015 and over a hundred sixty shows throughout Europe and Australia, the band decides to take a break and write the follow up to ‘Commuters’. In January 2016, the boys rent out a secluded house on the country side of Germany and build up a full 16 tracks analog studio.
For a month, the three are on their own, writing, recording and mixing their second full length without any computer involved.

Despite all of them being busy with other projects (Louis Jucker solo, Closet Disco Queen, Kunz, Sombre Sabre…) Coilguns still performed  in  2016 @ Paléo Festival and hired a fourth multi-instrumentalist member adding  dimension to the band’ live setup with extra synths, percussions and backing vocals.

A year and a half after recording the second album, the band played a couple of warmup gigs in December 2017 including a show at the Scala in London supporting Oathbreaker. After that, Coilguns released their second full-length album wll ‘Millenials’ before to tour in Europe for several weeks.

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