About six months after unveilling the song “Thunder Cry” as first part of a digital single collection, Swiss indie frontal-rock outlaws We Are Interview just unleashed the second part of their single series with a brand new song called “Chicago”, available right now for on Bandcamp and the main legal platforms.

Stream / Buy the digital single on Bandcamp | Watch the official music video of “Thunder Cry”
…For the record…

In 2013, John (vocals/guitar) and Kim (bass) coming from various musical origins, decided to launch themselves into a new rock project called INTRVIEW and later We Are Interview, which is both impulsive and powerful.

Inspired by bands such as the Black Keys, Foo Fighters, QOTSA and grunge outfits from the 90’s, the two accomplices were quickly joined by Simon – the most British of drummers in Switzerland and Yann “The Man” on guitar.

At the end of 2014, the quartet recorded their first songs released between 2015 et 2016 on digital formats before to get back in the studio in order to record its debut EP finally released in 2017.

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