Swiss doom/drone/post-metal duo Somnolent Priests debuted live rendition of their work with the video of “Birth”

Swiss Drone/tribal doom/improv post-metal duo, the Somnolent Priests unveiled a first audio/video glance from their work with a life caption of the track “Birth”, filmed a couple of weeks ago at Les Caves du Manoir de Martigny (in Switzerland) and available right now on YouTube.

This first track will featured on the band’s debut album called ‘Act I : Awareness’, mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate) and to be released on November 27 as a limited 2xLP Edition through SundayFog Records (The Kompressor Experiment…)


Watch the live video of “Birth” on YouTube

..The Lore…
“Humanity is in the 22nd century of its era. Due to science’s relentless discovery of the secrets of the universe, every superstition and belief is vanishing.
Major religions have collapsed and are only seen as ancient cults.
However, from the darkness, driven by the fear of an abandoned humanity without any divine guidance, members of a secret order decided to devote their research in artificial intelligence to the creation of a superior and ethereal being.
In their quest for the creation God, the Somnolent Priests are waiting for their time.”
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