As announced last summer with the release of the ‘Monolith’ Digital EP, three years after its debut album DOUZE’, a bunch of gigs and several months of hard work Swiss Cinematic Post-Rock/Progressive Quartet The Kompressor Experiment releases today its brand new full-length album ‘2001’, on CD, 2xLP & Digital editions through Shunu Records (Rocket Miner).

In addition to the official release-news, the band also shares the entire record for streaming on Bandcamp while the music video illustrating the track “EMP.AI” is still available YouTube.

Buy / stream the album for CD/2xLP & Digital

A fully realized journey in and of itself, “Monolith I” is making its initial appearance as a precursor to a larger and fully immersive work inspired by concepts of space and time as reflected in Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Taken on its own it is a strong encapsulation of what listeners can expect from The Kompressor Experiment – equal parts thundering, progressive, melodic and stirring, it is representative of a band that is willing to take the time to allow ideas to unfold while never sacrificing immediacy and impact.

Also featured on this EP is a live rendition of the second piece of the “Monolith” triptych, as well as a demo version of “MG1,” initially written as part of the 2001 concept but appearing exclusively on this EP. Those listeners who find themselves drawn to this concept can head to the Kickstarter page to help bring to life a physical release of the entire opus from which “Monolith I & II” are but an alluring initiation.

Watch the music video of “EMP.AI”

…For the record…

THE KOMPRESSOR EXPERIMENT is a quartet from Sion (Switzerland ) which offers a blend of instrumental progressive rock, metal, stoner rock and post rock. The band adds to this genre-mix some innovative sounds and tries to push the traditionnal boundaries of rock music.

The musical side of this uncommon project is entwined with a strong visual identity. The band’s enclosed with cinematic esoteric visuals and adds to its shows some mesmerizing abstract video projections.

Having recorded an amateur demo in 2013 and played a dozen gigs around Switzerland eversince, The Kompressor Experiment gets into the DIY process of recording its first studio album called ‘DOUZE‘ in 2016.

For fans of Long Distance Calling, Russian Circles, The Ocean….

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