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Frontiers Music is pleased to announce the debut release by Sweet Oblivion, an exciting new project
featuring legendary former Queensryche and current Operation: Mindcrime singer Geoff Tate.
Sweet Oblivion sees Tate teaming up with a stellar cast of Italian musicians led by Simone Mularoni,
the mastermind of prog metal masters DGM. Musically, this album marks a return to a more melodic
metal style for Tate and showcases a fine collection of songs that also highlights the talent of Mularoni
and his hand picked ensemble.
“I was approached by Frontiers to do this record and am pleased I took the chance,” says Tate. “It’s an
album filled with fun and I believe a lot of the fans who dig the old Queensryche sound will enjoy this!”
Adds Mularoni: “I grew up listening to 70’s and 80’s rock and metal bands and, of course, Queensryche’s
classic albums are among my favourites ever. Having the opportunity and luck of working together with
a musical giant like Geoff has been a real blessing on both the human and the artistic side. I asked a few
amazing musicians and friends to help me out and together we delivered a bunch of classic heavy rock
songs in which I tried to fuse a more contemporary approach with a classic Queensryche vibe….the
performances are amazing!”
The opening track and first single ‘True Colors’ sets the pace for the entire release and shows what
listeners can expect from the record. Excellent musicianship and a sound that harkens back to the
massive melodies and hooks of classic albums like ‘Empire’, ‘Rage For Order’ and ‘Operation:
Mindcrime’. Enjoy!
1 True Colors
2 Sweet Oblivion
3 Behind Your Eyes
4 Hide Away
5 My Last Story
6 A Recess From My Fate
7 Transition
8 Disconnect
9 The Deceiver
10 Seek The Light
Produced by Simone Mularoni
Geoff Tate – vocals
Simone Mularoni – guitars & bass
Emanuele Casali – keyboards
Paolo Caridi – drums

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