Today, Swedish singer-songwriter KLARA has joined Elizabeth Tillotson for the first-ever episode of The Magnificent Singer Podcast, a brand new and exciting podcast series to discuss the creation of KLARAs new album ‘Blossom’ and everything that is encountered when writing what is described by The 405 as a “spellbinding” debut album. Listen to the podcast: HERE

KLARA speaks with Elizabeth on the writing and recording process of ‘Blossom’, from first thinking about it, to then writing it, and finally recording it. Listen to ‘Blossom’: HERE

In this episode, KLARA invites us into the creative process of an album, using her album ‘Blossom’ as a guideline. The Swedish artist shares her experience on meeting Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) & being invited to his festival in Eaux Claires; songwriting with Tim Myers (One Republic) on a songwriting trip to LA; collaborating with Erland Cooper and Fabio De Oliveria (George Ezra’s drummer); working in a recording studio from one of the most majestic and internationally respected, Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, to simply her ‘homemade studio’ in her living room, and writing sessions in her current studio within Church Studios in North London.

KLARA also shares her best technical advice via personal anecdotes, the key role she gives to arrangements, and talks about the importance and the best way to work with others.

KLARA is “a people’s person”, who likes to interact and collaborate with other artists and to partner with them in the studio. “I believe that collaborations most of the time will give you better results as well. If you work with someone else, they will always have other skills to bring to the table that will make it better.”

She also describes the success of her song ‘These Woods (Human Made)’ that she wrote for the car brand VOLVO that reached #1 on the iTunes UK Singer-Songwriter chart (it recently re-entered at #9) “They wanted to reimagine it and re-record it at Real World Studios.So I wrote a new melody and lyrics and called it “These Woods” because I love lyrics that are somewhere in between poetry and storytelling.”

KLARA tells Elizabeth about the step that can be seen as the most difficult one of the songwriting process: finding inspiration. “I think that in 90% of art in general, there has to be some darkness in there too, to make it interesting.” She reveals she started writing this album because of the political darkness that’s been happening in America & Europe these past three years, but also why she writes music: speaking her truth “I guess this is what artists do, you tell it in your songs and hopefully someone will listen and hear a different perspective because I feel that it’s needed.”

Boasting fragrant folk-hewn songwriting, KLARA’s debut album ‘Blossom’ has pop aspirations, like Laura Marling viewed through the prism of London Grammar, while echoing Daughter’s frosted atmosphere. Named “Gorgeous and folky with wonderful harmonies” by The Line of Best Fit and “Beautifully mature alt-pop” by CLASH, the record written in Church Studios and recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios.

BLOSSOM was released in late January and is now available here.

‘Blossom’ tracklist:

1 Playgroundhouse

2 Strong

3 Voices

4 I Can’t Speak For You

5 Laura

6 Broken

7 Blossom

8 Breathe

9 Falling

10 Beautiful Words

11 Where Do We Begin?

12 Our Finest”

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