Swedish garage rock outfit ÅSKVÄDER share brand new music video for “Let You Down”!

Swedish garage rock outfit ÅSKVÄDER share brand new music video for “Let You Down”!

New album, “Fenix”, to be released March 25th on The Sign Records

Electrifying garage rock outfit Åskväder is back. The Swedish group will launch their second full length album “Fenix” in the spring of 2022 via The Sign Records.

Following the release of their self titled debut from 2020, Åskväder returns with a set of 12 new tracks. Recorded live in studio, “Fenix” captures the essence of the band’s energetic and direct sound. Combining bluesy guitar licks with groovy rhythms and catchy, melodic hooks, Åskväder’s new album brings straight forward, 90’s inspired Scandinavian garage rock to the modern day and age. In support of the new album, the band just released a brand new video clip for the track “Let You Down”.

Watch the music video for “Let You Down” here:


Martin Gut comments:

Let You Down is a love song picturing a very close relationship between two people. It describes the will to always be close, to help and to support. Maybe this is an unusual topic in the world of rock n roll and maybe it is not cool, but hey we are not too cool for school anyway. This is a track that we are really proud of and a track that we will be a definite choice for our live shows.


Fenix” to be released March 25th via The Sign Records


01. Blurry Lines
02. When We Fall
03. Let You Down
04. Old Friend
05. Claptrap
06. Head Home
07. Zealot
08. Nightcap
09. Preach for Me
10. Deadlock
11. Reap What You Sow
12. Run out of Time

Åskväder are:
Albin Sörensson – Lead vocals

Martin Gut – Guitar, vocals

Kammo Olayvar – Bass

August Waernelius – Drums


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