Swedish Alt. Rock outfit Sweet Teeth launch debut full-length album ”High Anxiety”

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Swedish Alt. Rock outfit Sweet Teeth launch debut full-length album ”High Anxiety”

FFO: Dinosaur Jr / Husker Du

“…starts with a great burst of noise and busts into a jangly garage rock 90’s inspired song. I hear Guided By Voices, Soul Asylum, Lemonheads, a little Pearl Jam but mixed with 60’s structure…also has little bit of a dark fuzzed out grunge thing going on at the same time. Vocally it’s also a little bit in the vein of Matthew Sweet also, has only good influences combined into a great track.”- Blood Makes Noise

“…has that 90’s alt-rock/power pop sound we love here. It has that melody meets crazy noise you find with Husker Du and the wall of guitar noise you get with Dinosaur Jr. This is that absolutely perfect mix of catchy and noisy that pretty much hits all of my music fandom buttons.”- If It’s Too Loud

“…packs a ton of raw energy and sludgy guitar sounds. It’s hard not to listen several times in a row.”- Austin Town Hall

“Ready for one of the best releases you will hear this year? Sweet Teeth takes the best elements of punk rock, 90’s alt-rock and power pop and throws it all together to form one big pile of warm melodies, fuzzed out guitars, lyrics about heartbreak and catchy choruses. Think Hüsker Dü and Dinosaur Jr..Sweet Teeth more than manage to live up to expectations. And then some.”- Punk Rock Theory

“Evoking sounds that remind you of Husker Du, they quickly get going out of the gate. The energy is high as are the emotions.”- Closed Captioned

“Fast-paced, fuzzy alt rock.”- A Journal Of Musical Things

“An intense and direct alt. rock explosion.”- Maximum Volume Music

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”High Anxiety” is the debut, full length-studio album by Sweden’s Sweet Teeth. After bursting into the alt. rock scene with their 2021 mini-album ”Acid Rain”, the four piece now returns with 12 new tracks of explosive power pop. On their new studio effort, Sweet Teeth combines the unforgettable sounds of the guitar driven 80/90s with their own signature mixture of super melodic songwriting and palpable energy, adding up to a record packed with honest, straight forward, and bittersweet alternative rock music.

The band comments:
“With ”High Anxiety”, we wanted to make an album with as little hassle as possible. No long solos or extra unnecessary stuff to fill out the songs, they simply didn’t need that. Still, we didn’t want to limit ourselves, instead we wanted to find our own formula. The result is a collection of pop songs played with a punk/hardcore feel.

Lyrically, it’s sometimes pretty heavy. A lot of the lyrics are about anxiety in life, love found and then lost, and all the good and destructive ways to deal with that.

Per Ståhlberg really demanded us to record in his studio, and his input both before and during recording at Welfare Sounds made so much sense. He understood exactly what we wanted to do, so it all went very smoothly in the studio. Our own bass player Joona of course did a splendid job mastering it, so it sounds great!”

Stream the album:


Get the vinyl: https://sweetteeth1.bandcamp.com/album/high-anxiety


Hear the title track on Youtube:



Sweet Teeth, perfect smile and raw beauty. Behind it all we find a bittersweet blend of catchy, punky, fuzzy power pop and ’90s inspired alternative rock. Small town dreams expressed through noisy guitars, sugar sweet melodies, and honest, straightforward lyrics. Sweet Teeth sounds like Hüsker Dü mixed with The Flamin’ Groovies, Ramones mixed with Big Star or even The Hellacopters mixed with Dinosaur Jr. Hailing from the rural parts of Sweden, the members of Sweet Teeth have played in bands such as The Deadbeats, Disfear, Dollhouse, Year Of The Goat, Tortyr, and The Dontcares. Together they find a perfect blend of musical history.

Sweet Teeth released the debut, 7 track mini-album ”Acid Rain” in 2021 which immediately received praise from both fans and media. Classic Rock Magazine called the album ”a brutal, scintillating mush of frill-free Scandinavian power-pop aggression that calls to mind Hüsker Dü at their most angst-driven and impatient”, and the track ”My Heart is Big and Broken” was dubbed the ”Coolest Song in the World” by Little Steven (Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band) on his show The Underground Garage. ”Acid Rain” was later nominated for best punk record of the year at the Swedish indie awards Manifestgalan.

Despite the pandemic working against them, Sweet Teeth has during their relatively short career played several explosive live shows, sharing stages with bands such as Millencolin, Hurula, Freedom, and Märvel.

Sweet Teeth’s debut full-length album ”High Anxiety” was released on Swedish indie label Lövely Records during the autumn of 2022.

Sweet Teeth:

Andreas Axelson – Guitars, Vocals

Joona Hassinen – Bass

Andreas Sjöberg – Guitars

Joakim Ölund – Drums

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