Sweden’s Nekromant return with ‘Behind the Veil of Eyes’


‘Behind the Veil of Eyes’
Despotz Records

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After the great response to their mighty single ‘The Woods’, Sweden’s Nekromant are back with their second track from the upcoming ‘Temple of Haal’ album, called ‘Behind The Veil Of Eyes

Nekromant about the new single:
‘This song is cold as ice but at the same time warming. The lyrics convey a notion of hopelessness but acceptance before an impending doom. Adam delivers the vocals in the verses with great merit. In short, a joyful little tune about darkness and death. 
// Nekromant

Standing on the shoulders of metal giants such as Black Sabbath and Pentagram, Swedish trio Nekromant are well versed in the art of crushing riffs and powerful melodies, boasting a sound that echoes the might of the past with an eye cast toward the future. With a much-admired set of releases to their name, the three-piece have been turning heads wherever they go with their authentic and effortlessly brilliant old school metal assault. From a punishing percussive battery through to the Iommi-esque guitars, this power-trio understand that the riff is king, as demonstrated throughout their superb new album. The first fruits of their new deal with celebrated Swedish label Despotz Records arrive late 2021 and is packed with ambitious metal gems such as ‘The Woods’, the epic ‘Behind the Veil of Eyes’ and the doom-laden ‘Olórin’s Song’.

The album ‘Temple of Haal’ embraces a typical Swedish darkness in amongst a desire to reject the notion of living life through social media and seeks to reconnect with the things that really matter. The new album is an unashamedly old school heavy metal record, blessed with crushing riffs and inescapable hooks. The band, originally known as Serpent, have a large and loyal following, and the new album is very much in keeping with what those fans have come to expect from this acclaimed Scandinavian three-piece. With single ‘The Woods’ proving to be a perfect calling card for the upcoming, Nekromant are in the perfect position to fulfil that early promise with ‘Temple of Haal’, and brings a new level of Swedish bleakness to the world.

Upcoming album ‘Temple of Haal’ (due December 3rd)  marks a new chapter in the band’s musical evolution.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nekromantband 

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