SUZISUZI streaming new album in full via Noisey
Japanese Metalpunk w/ dual vocalists, ex-members of Yellow Machinegun, Abnormals 
Hear & share Microphone’s Counter Attack album (Soundcloud) (Noisey)
“Jittery punk chaos… Joyfully manic, solo studded, wild-eyed songs that radiate positive energy even when they’re bemoaning the hassles of modern living ” — Noisey
“The stuff punk rock dreams are made of: Loud, careening guitars, rhythms that call to mind multi-vehicle pileups on the interstate, lyrics that may mean everything of may mean nothing at all.” — PopMatters
Japanese punk-metal quartet SUZISUZI (featuring Yellow Machinegun and ex-Abnormalsmembers) are streaming their forthcoming sophomore album Microphone’s Counter Attack (Pure Evil Records) in full today via Noisey. Hear and share the full album HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)
Noisey also previously shared the band’s 2016 debut Scream Addict alongside an interview with vocalist/bassist Kaori Okumura HERE.
SUZISUZI (“suzi” in Japanese means “vein”) formed after 2 bands — Yellow Machinegun and Abnormals — met 15 years ago and became good friends. Yellow Machinegun was an all-girl band that debuted in 1996 in Osaka, Japan. They made a huge impact with their screaming vocal styles, not only in Japan but also among the international hardcore/metal scene, leading to tours with Slayer, Motorhead and S.O.D. (with whom they also released a split album.)
Abnormals are from Tokyo, Japan and have been attracting punk fans with their dark view of the world since the late 1980s.
Through a chance encounter, the two bands collaborated together to release a split album in 2000, followed by a tour throughout Japan. Since then, the members of Yellow Machinegun and Abnormals have become good friends, and eventually created SUZISUZI.
Abnormals guitarist IxSxO and drummer Murochin asked Yellow Machinegun bassist/vocalist Kaori to start the band together when her band announced a short break. IxSxO was keen to use a girl’s name for their band, and Kaori liked the sound of “Susie”. Murochin suggested the word “SUZI” (meaning “vein” in Japanese)  after the veins that appears on their necks when the band members scream. Thus, SUZISUZI was born.
In 2011, SUZISUZI did their first gig in Tokyo and decided to add another female vocal. Kaori called and asked K♠ of the Pure Evil record label to join. She is an old friend of Kaori’s who has helped her out with lyrics over the years. The full 4-piece band’s debut was in Tokyo in May 2015 and shocked fans… in good way.
In their lyrics, you can hear the band’s fun message: “Hey, it’s OK, life is short and don’t waste the time any more in negative vibes.” Sing along with SUZISUZI songs in a very, very positive mood and it will make you feel so happy and clear.
Microphone’s Counter Attack will be available on CD and download on May 25th, 2018. Order via and iTunes.
Album: Microphone’s Counter Attack
Label: Pure Evil
Release Date: May 18, 2018
01) Microphone’s Counter Attack!!
02) I ♡ BEER!!
03) Customers Rush!!
04) Soil!
06) Long, Fast and Slow
07) Scrap Your Crap!
08) Stoneman!
09) Always Always!!
10) Oh! No! My Train Has Gone!
11) Downtown Mountain
12) Transfer!!
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