Montreal-based progressive death metallers Sutrah recently announced the forthcoming release of their new 4-song ep, Aletheia. Aletheia is set for release on Friday, March 13th via The Artisan Era. It is the follow up to the group’s heavily praised 2017 debut album, Dunes.

Across four dense songs clocking in at just under the thirty-minute mark and the lengthy closing cut, “Genèse” surpassing the fifteen-minute mark, Aletheia makes quite clear this is not a stop-gap effort in-between better things to come. Aletheia is a cerebral and confident next step forward for Sutrah with much to take in inside of every song. Sutrah – Aletheia will strongly appeal to fans of Lykathea Aflame, Gorguts, and Nile.

Today the band partnered with Invisible Oranges to premiere Sutrah – “Lethe”. *Pre-orders for Sutrah – Aletheia are now live as well as for 2017’s Sutrah – Dunes album now available on vinyl for the first time. Links follow below.

*You can listen to Sutrah – “Lethe” HERE

Invisible Oranges comments on the premiere of Sutrah – “Lethe”
“As for “Lethe,” think of it as the entire EP in one condensed song. It carries forward a main riff which echoes later on (a nice thematic connection for sure), but also scurries off into its own creative corners, remaining always fresh and technical without overblowing it. Whereas a lot of death metal (and especially tech-death) is angular and staccato and mechanical, Sutrah is more like a perfectly-executed pirouette: deadly silent executional gorgeousness.”

*Sutrah – Aletheia Pre-order Links
Label Site Pre-orders:

Sutrah – Dunes Vinyl Pre-Order Link

Sutrah – Aletheia Tracklist
1. Variation I.i – Umwelt
2. Variation I.ii – Lethe
3. Variation II.i – Dwell
4. Variation II.ii – Genèse

Sutrah is:
Claude Leduc – Guitars, Gangsa, background vocals (Chthe’ilist)
Alex Bao – Bass, background chants (RGRSS)
Laurent Bellemare – Lead Vocals, Chants, Gangsa (Basalte, Serocs, etc.)
Kévin Paradis – Drums (Benighted, Mithridatic, ex-Svart Crown, etc.)

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