SUPERSUCKERS premiere ‘Overdose’ from “Best of AC/DC [Redux]”

“Best of AC/DC [Redux]”

SUPERSUCKERS ‘Overdose’ (AC/DC cover)
taken from “Best of AC/CD [Redux]”

SUPERSUCKERS have released a cigarette smoking and whiskey sweating take on AC/DC with their cover of the 1977 “Let There Be Rock” classic ‘Overdose’ as the third digital single from “Best of AC/DC“, the companion volume to the forthcoming MER Redux series installment “Back in Black [Redux]“, which are both scheduled for release on December 3. More information about this album can be found below.

The cover track ‘Overdose’ is now available via YouTube for immediate publication

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Capt’ Chris ‘All-Nighter’ VonStreicher comments: “When it comes to AC/DC there is no one better for the Supersuckers”, writes the drummer. “We have a strong opinion that 3 bands matter the most in rock’n’roll: Motörhead, Ramones, and AC/DC. Since the latter is the focus of this particular project, let’s focus on mf’n AC/DC! They make all of the right choices. Especially the Bon-era lyrics have everything that we like and consider ‘cool’. Fighting, fucking, drinking, gambling, law breaking, women, and going to hell for it all! They implement everything that rock’n’roll stands for and deliver it oozing with authenticity. There’s no bullshit here. These guys are living the life they write about, and you want to be a part of it just by listening to them. Their music is infectious, timeless, and deceivingly complex. It never, ever ever gets old or makes you feel like you want to skip over a song. The riffs, the drums, the dynamics, the production, it’s all there. Hell, who the fuck could pull off bagpipes and make it sound cool. AC/DC, that’s who! Their songs are too damn good to mess with and fuck them up. You know, ‘if it ain’t broke…’. That said, we left the formula on ‘Overdose’ intact, but did something to make it different than the original version. If want to know how much we love AC/DC all you have to do is come to a Supersuckers show. We play their songs regularly and upon request. You can find us jamming them during soundcheck cause it makes us happy.  Hope this record makes you happy too!”

SUPERSUCKERS by Harmony Gerber
SUPERSUCKERS hail from Tucson, Arizona and were originally formed as a punk rock band in 1988. From the first line-up, only frontman/bass player Edward “Eddie Spaghetti” remains in the band that has otherwise seen a number of musicians come and go. At first the band recorded numerous singles and cover songs for various small labels, which were later compiled and released on “The Songs All Sound the Same” in 1992, the same that their debut full-length “The Smoke of Hell” hit the streets. The following two albums “La Mano Cornuda” (1994) and “The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers” (1995) saw the SUPERSUCKERS shift into hard rock gear, while the fourth full-length “Must’ve Been High” moved towards alternative country and features a guest appearance by Willie Nelson. On the following eight studio recordings including the latest “Play that Rock N’ Roll” (2020), they seem to have generally adopted a stylistic approach of anything goes as long as it is fun, kick ass, and sounds great. This could mean showing their punk roots, rocking hard, or adding a dose of country. SUPERSUCKERS have first toured extensively across the US and on reaching international acclaim also rocked the rest of the world hard. The trio has joined many illustrious bands on the road such as MUDHONEY, SOCIAL DISTORTION, BAD RELIGION, THE RAMONES, MOTÖRHEAD, THE TOADIES, THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS, THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT, THE DWARVES, WHITE ZOMBIE, and PEARL JAM to name only a few.
Cover "Best of AC/DC" [Redux]
1. Sin City – WITCHSKULL
2. It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N Roll) – KAL-EL
3. What’s Next to the Moon – BOB BALCH & TONY REED
4. Bad Boy Boogie – KRYPTOGRAF
5. Walk All Over You – BLUE HERON
6. Overdose – SUPERSUCKERS
7. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) – RIFF LORD
8. Whole Lotta Rosie – SOLACE
9. If You Want Blood – RED MESA
10. The Razors Edge – GHOST SHIP RITUAL
13. Night Prowler – DOMKRAFT
Back in Black [Redux] banner FB

“Best of AC/DC” is the by now traditional companion volume to a [Redux] series installment. Released alongside “Back in Black [Redux]”, “Best of AC/DC” contains even more amazing cover versions from the Down Under rock titans. This 2-LP extravaganza features 13 bands offering their exciting renditions of all-time classics and deep cuts from across the AC/DC catalog. Fielding an array of heavyweights and hungry up-and-comers from the heavy rock underground, there should be no doubt that fans of the riff-heavy will be stoked to experience these massive AC/DC interpretations unlike any that they’ve heard before.

“Back in Black [Redux]” presents new takes on all ten cuts from AC/DC’s seminal seventh album. This was the first record to feature “new” singer Brian Johnson following the death of original larger-than-life frontman Bon Scott, and music historians agree that there was massive pressure on both the new singer and the band to deliver. Even so, nobody could have anticipated that they’d create one of the most important rock albums ever, and Magnetic Eye cannot wait for you to hear what many of your favorite bands from the stoner, doom, and riff-rock scene have done with some of the most iconic rock songs of all time.

The Magnetic Eye [Redux] Series features hand-picked classic albums from across the history of rock and metal, re-imagined in their entirety from start to finish by bands we love.  Choice artists from throughout the rock and metal world are tasked to select a track to make their own, translating a milestone record into the new millennium with crushing heaviness and searing energy. To date, Magnetic Eye Records have published [Redux] versions of PINK FLYOD’s “The Wall”, HELMET’s “Meantime”, BLACK SABBATH’s “Vol. 4”, HENDRIX’s “Electric Ladyland”, and ALICE IN CHAINS’ “Dirt”, which have included artists like MATT PIKE, PALLBEARER, THE MELVINS, ALL THEM WITCHES, KHEMMIS, ASG, ZAKK WYLDE, MARK LANEGAN, SCOTT REEDER, and many more mind-blowing artists.

Join a host of heavy rocking bands on the sixth foray into Redux territory as they pay due respect to the giant musical legend from Down Under!

Release date: December 3, 2021

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Available formats
► Digisleeve CD
► Limited edition black vinyl
► Marbled red vinyl

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