Supermoon release their self-titled debut via Made of Stone Recordings

Supermoon, the brand new sensation in psychedelic rock out of Athens, Greece release their stoner/doom debut album in limited analogue LP editions

Pre-order “Supermoon” here

Supermoon are a forest rock band from Athens, Greece, established in 2019 by Vasilis Tsigkris. Starting as a solo project, during the creation of the debut album, Supermoon are now a full power trio: Vasilis Tsigkris – Bass / Vocals, Dimitris Foukarakis – Guitar and Dimitris Tsarnos – Drums.

Their forest rock combines heavy psychedelic music, with lyrics inspired by spirituality, nature, folk tales and mythology.

Filled with heavy basslines and melodic guitars, psychedelic atmosphere, stoner/doom hypnotic tempo and space vocal elements, Supermoon manage to succeed in effortless crossovers in music genres, creating a brand new yet intimate musical universe, which stands on the brink of darkness, bathed in light.

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Made of Stone Recordings is proud to present the LP editions of “Supermoon” in limited black and teal/turquoise 180 gr vinyl out on 15.06.2021
Listen to “Supermoon” here


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