April 27, 2023 – Premiering on BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders last night, Superlove have shared the video for their new single “Easier” – watch here. In addition to the hysterical video, Superlove have announced the follow-up to their debut album “Colours”; “follow:noise” will be released on 2nd June 2023 via Rude Records – pre-order the record here.

“Easier” is a song I wrote about 3 years ago now so I’m glad we got a chance to revisit it and make it work alongside a bunch of new songs. Nothing better than sitting on a song for that long to then take it to the band and turn it into something like this. It gives it such a new lease of life like getting the same excitement of writing it the first time round.”

Jake continues: “I wrote the song about a time when I was struggling a lot. I had a lot of questions about myself that I could never seem to get an answer for, I was always looking ahead to a time where my head would feel a lot clearer and how nice that might be in the future. Not to get too cheesy here, but writing this song helped me look forward rather than dwell on stuff whilst also helping change my outlook on certain situations in life that were maybe slowing me down. So cheers to songwriting as it does genuinely help you get a load off your mind.

My favourite story about making this song is when we were away recording and I said to Jon, “Oh yeah remember we need a mad like guitar solo that doesn’t sound like a conventional guitar solo for this bridge section” and like 20 minutes later he had recorded what you hear now and I just laughed at how nailed on he got it. Genuinely one of my favourite bits in any song we’ve ever done.”

Watch the video for Easier here

Taking inspiration from across the entire musical spectrum, Superlove have gone all out on the video for Easier. The band explain: “Our main inspiration behind the video was blink-182’s all the small things video, they are all dressed up miming the track in different music video formats and we just loved that their band personalities were captured in video as well as the music.

For this video, we wanted to include the early 60s, hair metal, country folk and the beastie boys intergalactic video as well as our true selves. I’ll be honest there is no reason behind those references. I just thought they would be the most fun to dress up in. There’s a lyric that talks about wishing sometimes you could be someone else and we thought this would be a fun way of including that by having us flick through the channels to these made up music videos.

We’ve never felt restricted in terms of what we can do with our music videos. When it comes to deciding on what to do for a video we always think about what would be the most fun thing first and foremost. We always want our videos to be an extension of our relationship we have with each-other so keeping it light, messing around and having a proper laugh is always the key for us.”

Featuring previous singles “GO!” and “Something Good”, Superlove approached the creation of “follow:noise” differently from their debut album and it led to a self-discovery for the band as they doubled-down on their self-determined “noise-pop” label. “We discovered a lot about the sound behind Superlove and what makes us the band we are and when we’re at our best, we wanted to challenge ourselves to use less virtual instruments this time round and put the focus back into guitar. Lyrically the album tackles subjects such as reassurance, dependency and mental health.”

They continue, “We wanted to reinvent ourselves with a look and sound that places us firmly

within the world of being a rock band. Our first album saw us dipping in and out of what it was to be a band with more electronic elements which allowed us to explore our production techniques. With those avenues explored from previous we wanted the challenge of writing a proper through and through no messing around pop-rock album. To summarise: follow:noise is Superlove at our most realised and our most fully focused on a “Noise-pop” sound through and through.”

Last month, Superlove announced dates for their UK headline tour set to take place in June. Stopping in Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton and London, this tour will coincide with the release of “follow:noise” making for a raucous run of shows.

Speaking on the tour, Superlove had this to say: “To head out on tour and play these new songs has been something all three of us have been proper dead set on since our recording and writing trip at the start of the year.”

“Our newest load of music came out of experiences we had last year playing shows so we wanted the energy to be higher, the riffs to be heavier and the sound to be even more reflective of our personalities on stage, so to announce this run of shows amidst that new music is so exciting to us. We’re especially excited to be back in places we haven’t been for a while now in hope to see some familiar and new faces. Our main purpose with these shows is to provide a big old laugh with loads of mates and a bloody good time of an evening, simple as that.”

Superlove live dates below:

Thursday 1st June – Bristol, Exchange

Saturday 3rd June – Manchester, 33 Oldham Street

Monday 5th June – Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge

Tuesday 6th June – Southampton, The Joiners

Wednesday 7th June – London, Old Blue Last

Saturday 5th August – Liverpool, No Play Festival

Tickets are available via this link

Released in January, the revved-up “GO!” received plays on BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show with Daniel P Carter, BBC Radio 1’s Future Alternative with Nels Hylton, consistent support from Amazing Radio UK and USA, Kerrang! Radio and more to date. “GO!” garnered recognition from the titans of the UK music press, including NME and Kerrang!, and saw the band appear on the cover of Spotify’s Shockwave playlist, with inclusions on misfits 2.0, New Noise, All New Rock and New Music Friday France. Fresh Rock, Breakthrough Rock, Nouveautes Rock on Amazon Music + New in Rock on Apple Music.

Watch the official video for “GO!” here 

Their infectious pop hooks, strong harmonies and off-kilter songwriting have won over many an audience as Superlove have supported the likes of Feeder, Holding Absence, Dream State, Stand Atlantic, Roam, Vukovi and played many festivals including The Great Escape, Handmade, Burn It Down & Neverworld on the strength of just their first few singles. In 2022, Superlove made their 2000 Trees festival debut and embarked on a headline tour of the UK, as part of the Music Venue Trust and The National Lottery’s Revive Live Tour.

Co-producing their debut album “Colours” (released in April 2022 with deluxe edition in November 2022), Superlove have earnt from swathes of the UK music press. Wonderland stated “listeners can expect to be swept off their feet and into the bands indie-tinged soundscape upon first listen” and Rock Sound called them “Infectiously lovely”. Featuring the imitable singles “Save Yourselves”, “wanna luv u”, “Bestfriends”, “Maybe I Could Tell You”, “World Of Wonder” and title track “Colours”, Superlove stepped out into their own and successfully showcased themselves as young producers, songwriters and performers upon the records’ release.

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