Sunken State // Solace In Solitude // Album Review


Johannesburg-based groove metal/melodic death metal band, Sunken State drop their debut full-length album Solace In Solitude Friday, June 11th and it is a filthy, brutal assault on the senses. 

Right from the off with the album’s opening track “Beg For Mercy” you are kicked right in the balls with gargantuan riffage and the guttural vocals that overwhelm the senses. Huge breakdowns, interchanging drum patterns, and the tension building within the four walls of one single track just makes you feel so fucking dirty it’s unreal! Gimmme more!!!

It is hard to believe that Sunken State is only three years old, their sound comes across as if it has been honed and crafted over many years, the tight sound and intricately interwoven riffs deliver on each and every track, all fused together with a brutal vocal and somehow keeping it melodic and dare I say it, easy on the ear? As easy as brutal, groove-laden metal can be, for those in the club quite easy as it turns out! The guys like to keep you on your toes, taking the tracks through a plethora of interchanges that challenge you to figure out where they will go next. 

The production is first class, giving you every opportunity to appreciate the beautifully woven tracks that just pummel you over and over again, “Burn Society” almost, almost, leads you into a false sense of security as it opens with a nylon string guitar teasing you with a soft, approachable opening before it rips your hand right off with yet another savage attack. It does not stop there, you get ten stellar tracks here, from start to finish Sunken State has assembled a debut album to make their mark, it’s a shot across the bow that marks their arrival and makes sure that the metal community stand up and take notice. 

I love what the guys have done here, clearly, savage musicians with a clear focus on how they wanted to translate their music to you and they have done it perfectly. 

Solace In Solitude is a bitchin’ album, well worth your hard-earned cash, well worth you taking time out of your day to sit back, crank up, and admire. 

Sunken State, you heard it here sheeple, remember the name. 


Solace In Solitude is out Friday, June 11th.



Track Listing:

1. Beg For Mercy
2. Swindler
3. Burn Society
4. Separation Has Begun

5. Egyptian Pariah

6. Enter The Grey
7. This Is The End
8. Interlude
9. Chaos & Turmoil

10. Recover Yourself





Sunken State // Solace In Solitude // Album Review