Sundara Karma unveil new single ‘Artifice’ + details of new EP ‘Kill Me’ announced

Sundara Karma Unveil New Single ‘Artifice’

‘Kill Me’ EP To Be Released 24th November


‘Kill Me’ EP Produced by Clarence Clarity (Dorian Electra and Rina Sawayama) and Oscar Pollock

Artwork and Video by PC Music’s Hannah Diamond and Aaron Chan

 (credit Hannah Diamond)

Today, Sundara Karma have unveiled their new single ‘Artifice’ – listen here. This latest offering comes with the announcement of their forthcoming EP titled ‘Kill Me’.  featuring five new tracks including the eponymous ‘Kill Me’ which was released earlier this month. The EP will be arriving on 24th November via Chess Club.

New single ‘Artifice’ sees the band experiment with a concoction of darker and more urgent electronic sounds, from the modern instrumentation to heavily processed vocal effects, demonstrating once more Sundara Karma’s desire to push their ever developing sound into bold new sonic territories. The lyrics continue to showcase Oscar’s songwriting capabilities and ability as a lyricist, as he effortlessly weaves together thought-provoking metaphors and deeply autobiographical material:

Speaking about Artifice, Oscar says,
“Artifice is about someone having been in your life and not being in it anymore, but they’ve left a mark that will never be removed…. and being able to make peace with that. The scar may be there forever, but that’s fine because life goes on.”

The new song is featured on the forthcoming EP ‘Kill Me’, a dazzling, purposeful game-changer, alongside four new tracks including title track, ‘Kill Me’, unveiled earlier this month on Annie Mac’s Radio One show. This is the band’s first new music since the release of their 2019 critically acclaimed album ‘Ulfilas Alphabet’. This new EP reaches upwards like so many skyscrapers, building on tight song structures and soaring melodies. “Making the new EP made me realise where the last album came from,”Oscar says, referring to his writing period for Ulfila’s Alphabet, when he secluded himself in the English countryside. “I was very disconnected from the rest of the world.”

These new songs, by contrast, were written and co-produced by Oscar with Clarence Clarity (Rina Sawayama, Dorian Electra), in London, surrounded by concrete and bustling humanity. “I definitely think there’s still an organic nature to all of our music, which I hope we never lose,” he says. “I think that’s maybe what’s at the core of the band. But the balance has been really beneficial. It feels like my writing needed that structure.”

On working with Clarence, Oscars says “It was really exciting to work together… I’ve been a fan of his solo material for a while now and I think he’s really helped me translate my songs into a more streamlined sequence of sounds. There’s so much going on with each of these songs”.

The ‘Kill Me’ EP also sees Sundara Karma collaborating with visual director Hannah Diamond of PC Music. Having first crossed paths during a magazine shoot in 2019, Oscar reached out to the visual artist Hannah during lockdown to be the band’s Creative Director. Diamond helped him not only co-direct the striking video that accompanies “Kill Me”, a dream world of vivid pinks and purples, but is also helping create an overarching coherent visual identity to supplement the band’s bold new sonic palette.

Kill Me Tracklist

  1. Kill Me

  2. O Stranger


  4. Artifice

  5. Lifelines

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