Sumo Cyco // Live Review // The Cobblestones
Sumo Cyco // Live Review // The Cobblestones
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From the outside it seemed to be a nice relaxing Sunday night, people heading home for an early night before the start of the week but, inside the Cobblestones, it was a very different story. The party was well and truly alive thanks to the incredible energy of Sumo Cyco. This was the perfect place to view the magic of Sumo Cyco, an intimate and cosy venue with a rich atmosphere left by those who have played before.

The show started with a bang, no small talk or warming up just straight in with the impressive vocals of Skye ‘Sever’ Sweetnam. With a leap she was on a box leaning into the crowd, looking everyone in the eye as if to personally thank them for being there. Her powerful vocals were matched only by her compelling dancing. The energy from the audience certainly didn’t scare them, it only fuelled them to be bigger, better and louder than the previous song. So much so that on multiple times Skye entered the audience to dance and join in the mosh pit that had formed. The pit welcomed her with open arms and screamed along with each and every growl.

With Skye in the pit the rest of the band had their moment to shine. First up was Matt Trozzi, a real cheeky chappy each facial expression more exaggerated than the last. Trozzi brought the drums to life throwing his body around as though he couldn’t contain his excitement. Oscar Anesetti joined in next throwing his hair around and jumping across the stage. Finally, Matt “MD13” Drake took to the front of the stage to interact with the crowd and play up for the camera. Ea

ch member brought their unique energy together to put on a crowd-pleasing performance.

Sumo Cyco is an extraordinary band with a treasure trove of hits. I for one certainly can’t wait to see them live again. If you’re looking for a band who can really put on a show and sound amazing live, then get yourself tickets to their next gig!

Review Jo Sanders

Photography Tony Hebblethwaite & Jo Sanders

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