Summer Anthem “Money Song” from Royal Castles

Energetic, hard hitting and hooks for days, Royal Castles are making nostalgic but contemporary garage-rock. Hailing from the Royal City of Guelph, Ontario and featuring the power trio of Katrin Sawatzky, Jordan Gabriel and AJ Johnson (Juno-nominated Cuff the Duke), the three-piece take influence from the bands of their formative years, delivering pounding drums, crunchy guitars and a healthy dose of wooly bass.

Recently, the trio has spent time at North of Princess (Kingston, Ontario) honing their sound and recording their much-anticipated sophomore album with producer Zane Whitfield (The Glorious Sons, The Bluestones). The full-length album is filled with ear candy: killer drum fills, psychedelic-bubblegum harmonies and crunchy guitar tones that will be sure to make this album feel like sunshine all year-round.

“Money Song” out today is about living in the moment, being happy with where you are and not wanting to leave. This summer anthem evokes sunshine and good vibes, the first single from sophomore album Just The Hits, produced by Zane Whitfield (The Glorious Sons, The Bluestones) and filled with psychedelic-bubblegum harmonies.

 Check it out:

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