SUM 41 - Order In Decline - Album Review
SUM 41 - Order In Decline - Album Review8
SUM 41 - Order In Decline - Album Review8
SUM 41 - Order In Decline - Album Review8
SUM 41 - Order In Decline - Album Review8
SUM 41 - Order In Decline - Album Review8
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Sum 41 are back with their most aggressive album to date, Order In Decline. More commonly known for their lighter Pop Punk music which brought us to their attention in the early 2000s, this latest album is quite the change. Gone is the light-hearted energetic music and instead we see a band who has grown and used their life experiences to create something that is noticeably darker, heavier and more aggressive.

Sum 41 made quite the comeback a couple of years ago after a quiet stint which saw the band fight their own demons, especially for frontman Derek Whibley, who has openly discussed his fight against addiction. After the successful release of 13 Voices and their “Don’t Call It A Comeback Tour”, it seems the band have taken some time to really think and write and this latest album doesn’t disappoint from that. However, if you are looking for tracks like “In Too Deep” and “Still Waiting”, you won’t find them here. Instead what the album is a little darker with its shoutier vocals and aggressive riffs and solos too. There is still plenty to love about the tracks, but it’s worth pointing out the difference from their earlier albums.

“A Death In The Family” is a very clear example of the change in style. There is still plenty of energy throughout the track, however, the lyrics take on a much deeper and darker meaning, while the backbeat of the track is highly aggressive. The vocals take on many levels, from the softer choruses to the shouts in the verses. Guitar wise the small solo towards the end is more metal than Pop Punk. This in itself shows the difference to expect from this album towards a harder genre of music.

While on the whole, the album is fantastic, the best way to enjoy it, is to put it on with no preconceptions of who the band are and treat it as more of a brand new sound. Having the excitement of a new Sum 41 album, it was after the first listen through that, I allowed myself to really enjoy what the band has created and not thought ‘well this is different’. If you’re a fan of heavier music as well as Pop Punk, then this album will appeal with its harder sound but is still without a doubt another great offering from the band!




Order In Decline: Track Listing

1. Turning Away
2. Out For Blood
3. The New Sensation
4. A Death In The Family
5. Heads Will Roll
6. 45 (A Matter Of Time)
7. Never There
8. Eat You Alive
9. The People Vs…
10. Catching Fire


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