Sulene shares brazen indie-pop single “i still think you’re so fake”

Sulene shares brazen indie-pop single
“i still think you’re so fake”

he•don•ic EP out March 5th

Photo Credit: Spencer Kohn

WATCH: “i still think you’re so fake” (official video)

STREAM: “i still think you’re so fake”

Fresh off those post-Valentine’s Day blues, alt-pop artist Sulene has the perfect answer for past heartbreaks with her new single “i still think you’re so fake”. Featuring a mix of dreamy synths and guitars, the song examines dealing with constant mentions of an ex in a friend group and coming to grips with the truth about past and current relationships. The accompanying video matches the sassy vibe of the track, with Sulene in full-on prom attire projecting out her feelings. The song serves as the third single off her upcoming EP, he•don•ic out March 5th on Trash Casual. You can stream “i still think you’re so fake” here and watch the video here.

Sulene expands on the story behind the song:

I wrote it after I got a text from an ex that he was getting married. I guess I hadn’t thought about this relationship for a long time and it brought up all sorts of things. Sometimes the gift of time and growing up is being able to look back and sorta see things differently, more clearly. I found myself feeling angry. My friend group is really close with this person so I constantly hear about him, and I’d always act like it doesn’t bother me even though I felt hurt by the things that had happened surrounding our breakup. I wrote this song after that text and I guess I stopped pretending that I feel the same way all my friends feel and just said my truth.

Single Artwork

For Sulene, writing he•don•ic was a painful and difficult process, but also one that allowed her to experiment with music in a new way. Exploring a darker side of her character and production, Sulene wrote, recorded, and produced the entire EP out of her apartment in Brooklyn. She also delved into filming and editing her own music videos and artwork, giving a full 360 view of her newest art. The five songs on the EP dive deep into her struggles with alcohol addiction, depression, and hedonic pleasures, and finding a way out of these destructive cycles. Sulene’s dark lyricism is juxtaposed by dancey, sexy beats strewn with synth and guitar that she describes as a “gothic disco party”. This vulnerable meets underground club aesthetic is found on songs like “” and “identity crisis,” both centered around wanting to do better and if those late nights spent drinking are really worth it. Written at the start of the pandemic, closer “diner coffee” brings a more slowed down, sullen moment to the record as Sulene states “I promise to be useful” – a nod towards needing to create while blocking out depression. With the release of the he•don•ic EP, Sulene is looking to break new ground in 2021 and is poised to be an artist to know.

he•don•ic is available for pre-order now on Sulene’s webstore.

he•don•ic EP Artwork
he•don•ic Tracklist:
1. identity crisis
2. photo booth
3. i still think your fake
5. diner coffee
Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, Sulene moved to the US at nineteen years old with dreams of starting a career in music. Fast forward a few years and the multi-faceted, Brooklyn-based artist is living out that dream creating her own music, as well as writing scores for film and television, and even finds time to be a touring guitarist. Since 2015, she’s toured stages worldwide as the guitarist for Nate Ruess’ (of fun.) live band, appearing everywhere from Jimmy Kimmel Live! to the East Room of the White House, performing for President Obama. As a multi-instrumentalist, she has written original music and performed on the scores for several TV shows, films, and commercials such as Ray Donovan and The Affair, as well as spots for Nike, Microsoft, Dior, and many more. Though her experience is vast, her newest work speaks the loudest in terms of her unique voice.
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