Suffocation // Distant // Survivalist // Live Review // The Limelight // Belfast

Suffocation // Distant // Survivalist // Live Review // The Limelight // Belfast

Day 3 of one ass crazy week of Metal 🔥 in Belfast, Limp Bizkit, Cavalera down tonight we have NYC Brutal Death Metal merchants Suffocation in our city about to lay waste to The Limelight II.

In tow, they have brought Downtempo/Deathcore band Distant with them and our own local heroes  Survivalist who like a butterfly are going through their transition at the moment with a new lineup but the same old attitude and heft in abundance!

7:30 sharp and Survivalist take the stage. These guys have been a force to be reckoned with since their arrival on the local scene, calculated in their approach to attacking the scene they have played the game very well building up an army of fans In No time through of course rock solid songwriting and stage presence live, but by hitting the local scene like a sledgehammer whenever called upon, cautiously tiptoeing their way through a limited number of gigs as not to be over-saturated initially, but they have landed some big hitters also as support including this evening. As always live, they slay it, even with the new lineup with bassist slappa da bass man stepping up to slappa da guitar instead and a new slappa da bass man stepping in the transition is pretty seamless. If you hadn’t seen the band before you’d never have known it was a fresh lineup which speaks of the quality of the musicianship and the graft put in to make it all look so seamless. Well played.



Up next Rotterdam Downtempo Deathcore crew Distant, a new band to me and sweet baby Jesus these guys are fucking lethal! The gnarliest slamming breakdowns I’ve heard this side of the Mississippi!

A totally different affair to our own Survivalist, they are a brutal-sounding band that wants to beat you to death as slowly as they can one blow at a time! Sonically of course! A tight four-piece – the riffage is gargantuan with aggressive vocals over the top all crashing down on an unsuspecting Belfast crowd who came here straight from their ma’s Sunday dinner!

As the set progresses the tempo builds up and the crowd can really get into the groove of it, each track heavier than the last, more punishing, unforgiving in every sense of the word, you would honestly think the walls are caving in on you! These Dutch lads know how to deliver a blistering set. Belfast will not forget Distant in a hurry!



Sunday night, the iconic Limelight Belfast bore witness to an onslaught of sonic brutality as New York City’s death metal pioneers, Suffocation, took to the stage. The venue, known for its intimate yet electrifying atmosphere, proved to be the perfect setting for a performance that will be remembered by Belfast’s metal community for years to come.

From the moment Suffocation launched into their opening track, the crowd was engulfed in a wall of sound. The band wasted no time, diving straight into “Seraphim Enslavement,” The intensity was palpable, with the audience instantly responding to the blistering riffs and thunderous drums. Mosh pits erupted, setting the tone for a night of unrelenting energy.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Suffocation’s performance was the seamless blend of technical proficiency and sheer, raw power. Guitarist Terrance Hobbs showcased his virtuosic skills with intricate solos and complex riffing, while drummer Eric Morotti delivered blast beats with machine-like precision. Bassist Derek Boyer’s low-end rumble added depth to the sonic assault, and Charlie Errigo’s rhythm guitar work was both tight and aggressive.

Vocalist Ricky Myers, filling the shoes of original frontman Frank Mullen, commanded the stage with a presence that was both menacing and charismatic. His guttural growls and roars perfectly complemented the ferocity of the music, maintaining the intensity that Suffocation fans have come to expect.

The setlist was a well-curated mix of old and new, taking the audience on a journey through Suffocation’s illustrious career. Fans were treated to classics like “Pierced from Within” and “Infecting the Crypts,” alongside newer tracks from their latest album, “…Of the Dark Light.” Each song was delivered with precision and passion, demonstrating why Suffocation remains a leading force in the death metal genre.

What stood out was the band’s genuine connection with the audience. Despite the unrelenting intensity of their music, there were moments of camaraderie and interaction. Hobbs frequently engaged with the crowd, his appreciation for the fans evident in his words and expressions. This connection only amplified the energy in the room, creating a communal experience that transcended the music itself.

The evening was further enriched by stellar performances from the supporting acts. Each brought their own brand of heavy music, warming up the crowd and setting the stage for Suffocation’s headline set. The atmosphere was electric, with metalheads from across Belfast and beyond coming together to celebrate their shared love for extreme music.

Suffocation’s performance at Limelight Belfast was more than just a concert; it was a masterclass in death metal excellence. The band’s ability to combine technical brilliance with unrelenting aggression made for a show that was as impressive as it was intense. For the fans in attendance, it was a night of headbanging, moshing, and sheer auditory exhilaration.

As the final notes of the encore rang out and the band left the stage, the crowd was left in awe, buzzing with the afterglow of an unforgettable performance. Suffocation proved once again why they are legends in the death metal world, delivering a show that was nothing short of spectacular.

Photos: Mark McGrogan 

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