Streaming Star Beth Crowley Releases Breathtaking Ballad “Nobody Else But You”


“Nobody Else But You” is a haunting ballad full of flawless lyrics, leaving plenty of room for Crowley’s vocals to echo and the lyrics to resonate louder. Beth Crowley has proved herself a true songwriter with this single, and has proved that sometimes the most simple sentiment is enough to tug at the heartstrings and make people listen.

Listen Here:

Streaming and download link


On social media, Beth is well-known in the book & music community for her original music based on popular young adult and new adult novels. Her stats are as follows:

  • 147,000 YouTube subscribers and 51 million views

  • 366,000 Spotify monthly listeners and over 25 million streams

Sometimes pain leaves you soft spoken and feeling small and forgotten, and Beth captures this feeling perfectly in this song. She describes the feeling of knowing that the person you love is out of reach but there is no one else to fill that space and does it honestly and with a firm grasp on songwriting tenets. Whether you’ve been left brokenhearted or not, you will feel every bit of Beth’s pain in “Nobody Else But You.”

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