Stray From The Path // Internal Atomics // Album Review
Stray From The Path // Internal Atomics // Album Review 10
Stray From The Path // Internal Atomics // Album Review 10
Stray From The Path // Internal Atomics // Album Review 10
Stray From The Path // Internal Atomics // Album Review 10
Stray From The Path // Internal Atomics // Album Review 10
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Over the past few years, the punk movement is being revived. At the forefront of the push is the aggressive, rap-enfused Hardcore Punk created by STRAY FOR THE PATH. After multiple albums that hit great levels of critical and fan success, the wait for the band’s next release is almost over with Internal Atomics

Starting the album is Ring Leaderthe track shows instantly what the band is about. Fast riffs, pounding drums and aggressive vocals both in style and lyrical content. Track 2, Kickback, brings an extra layer of anger thanks to a great feature from Counterpart’s Brendan Murphy. The First Will Be Last follows up by having a much more Rap focused approach to the vocal performance while musically being much more bass and drum-heavy to give the track a great flow and pace. 

Track 4, Fortune Teller brings the sound that made the band skyrocket in popularity back, with fast-paced harsh rap and a guitar-focused backing track alongside a breakdown that’s pure filth. Second Death has a slightly more Metalcore approach to the instruments with chuggy riffs and an easy to follow the groove. Beneath the Surface blends everything that came before with a focus on the melodic guitar that makes the track really stand out from everything that came before. 

Going from the more melodic sound, Something In The Water brings the groove back, alongside some of the heaviest riffs the band has written in the last few years. Track 8 Holding Cells For The Living Hell is the most old-school sounding Hardcore track on the release, with a focus on fast instrumentals, in your face vocals and a simple structure that gets the song stuck in your head with ease. Double Down brings a focus onto the drums, bass, and vocals working in unison to create angry punch to the face that complements the much more violent guitarwork perfectly. Closing the album is Actions Not Words. This track is without fail the album’s highlight. Bringing elements of each era of the bands sound while also adding blast beats, fast guitar, and a thrash edge to make the track truly feel like a kick in the stomach in the best way possible, and all this is before the breakdown that could snap necks without hesitation due to the sheer groove of it. 

There’s a reason STRAY FOR THE PATH is in the forefront of the Punk resurgence. They’re unrelenting aggression, lyrical content and genre crossover creates a sound that just captures interest without even needing to try. Without a shred of hesitation, I can say this is one of the best Hardcore-Punk albums in the last couple of years and STRAY FROM THE PATH are on their way to becoming the face of modern Punk.


Internal Atomics is released Nov 1st via UNFD


Daniel Stapleton



1. Ring Leader
2. Kickback (feat. Brendan Murphy)
3. The First Will Be Last
4. Fortune Teller
5. Second Death
6. Beneath The Surface
7. Something In The Water
8. Holding Cells For the Living Hell
9. Double Down (feat. Matt Honeycutt)
10. Actions Not Words

December 2nd – Birmingham, UK @ Asylum
December 3rd – Bristol, UK @ Thekla
December 4th – Glasgow, UK @ G2
December 5th – Manchester, UK @ Rebellion
December 6th – London, UK @ Islington Academy
December 7th – Southampton, UK @ The Loft

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