Strangle Wire // Words That Burn // Wardomized // Live Review // Voodoo Belfast


In what feels like a dream we and I mean the collective we are standing in the haloed ground that is Voodoo Belfast once again some 20 months since last attending an indoor gig in Belfast. 

How do you break yourself back in? With three seriously heavy hitters in the form of Wardomized, Words That Burn & Belfast’s own Strangle Wire – a Bloodstock reunion of sorts. Bloodstock itself which was only two odd months ago feels like a distant memory at this stage, so hopefully, tonight’s proceedings will be like a swift kick to the balls and remind us all that it was very, very real. 

Wardomized hit the stage at 10 pm and get straight into their short, sharp shock approach to songwriting with a blistering assault on the senses. A minor technical glitch stalls the set but after close to two years off the stage we’ll forgive them for that …. When it kicks off again the guys rip their way through a savage set with something akin to a wall of death with 2 people (if there is such a thing)breaks out and nobody knows what to do. #takingyourlifeinyourownhands

In stark contrast Irish modern metal outfit Words That Burn 🔥 are up next and right from the off these crazy cats are a whole different proposition. Their fusion of guttural and clean vocals against a wall of distortion provides a sonic tapestry very different from the other bands on tonight’s bill. Gargantuan breakdowns, slamming riffage and wailing vocals hit you right between the eyes and it feels good!

In terms of a live presence these guys nail it, they absolutely command the stage and look every part the professional act that their reputation deserves. A rollercoaster set pummels the Belfast crowd as WTB show Belfast what the fuck it’s all about! Well played.


Strange Wire takes the stage and the last time I saw them was the closing set on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock, so it is fitting that they are the first Metal gig I am attending back in Belfast after a weird and wonderful 18 months without live music. 

As old school Death Metal goes Strangle Wire hit the nail on the head, tight as a tigers ass they stop and start on a sixpence. Gnarly riffage with wailing harmonics and disjointed phrases that challenge the senses, Strangle Wire batter and bruise those who were brave enough to last the distance. Pete’s vocals reverberate throughout the room as the slamming backline lay down a back-breaking sonic assault that Belfast has sorely missed. 

They throw down a mixture of old and new tracks to whet the appetite for the return of the live scene to Northern Ireland once again. 

As strange as it was being back inside once again, it was both a welcome and disappointing experience, the music sorely missed was great to have it back in your face loud and proud, but the disappointing thing was the shitty turnout for one of the first Metal events on the calendar since the lockdown way back in early 2020. Shizzle better improve for all involved after a painfully extended hiatus that costs so much in the industry. We need to get back out there, support the local scene, the artists, the promoters, the publicists and beyond all whom rely on this industry to survive. I am sure you like me, made yourself a promise that when music returned that you would be out there, front & centre taking it all in. Well, it is here and that time is now.



Photography: Wayne Donaldson // TWKOM :



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