Following the announcement of their upcoming album ‘The Ghost Eater’ due for release later this year; Stormcast present their first new single ‘Resonance’ out on September 28th.

RESONANCE is considered the most aggressive track composition-wise from the album, unlike the slightly ‘tamer’ and progressive-orientated tracks that follow. The lyrics focus on the emotional energy one experiences when finding his or her true calling; whether through personal connection or finding a place one can flourish and thrive. The defining statement “I am at last in a place I can grow to be, free from the darkness so cold, with you in sight we can accomplish all” depicts the resulting synergy of this connection and its powerful response.

While one may be familiar with Stormcast’s melodic/atmospheric harshness, the new album sways towards a more technical and progressive approach to song writing, while still maintaining their defining aesthetic.

Video Animator: Scott Rudd
Producer: Mike Angastiniotis
Co-Producer: Panayiotis Chrysostomides
Engineering, mixing and mastering: David Archer
All music and lyrics written by Mike Angastiniotis.



Formed in 2007 in Nicosia, Cyprus, STORMCAST sought to write music to express themselves and create something that defines them.

In the early days, STORMCAST presented a blend of various metal genres while often giving off an atmospheric/melodic black metal vibe. The band started out by playing cover songs mostly inspired by bands such as Rotting Christ, Moonspell, Septic Flesh and Hypocrisy while also experimenting with forming their own sound through writing their own material. By 2009, the band had released their first 4-track demo entitled ‘SCORCHED EARTH’, which earned the band a considerable following in the Cypriot Metal community.

The years following the demo release, the band sought to play as many lives as possible and satisfy an increasing demand for live performances from their local scene. The pinnacle of STORMCAST’s career came about when the band was invited to play at METALDAYS Festival 2013 in Slovenia as winners of a competition.

After being signed by Pitch Black Records in 2014, the band released their first full length album entitled ‘FRAME OF MIND’ in the later part of the year. The album received excellent reviews and response from metal related press such as The Metal Observer (8/10) and AngryMetalGuy (4/5), while also received Cypriot Metal Album of 2014 award from the readers of Cypriot metal e-magazine, Chromium Sun.

After a band hiatus from 2015 to 2017, the band has made their return with their brand new self-released album entitled ‘THE GHOST EATER’. 2018 marks the monumental return for STORMCAST as with their new line-up, currently based in Brighton UK, they plan to engage with and play for metal music fans all over the world!

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