Stonewire // Life As We Know It // Album Review
Stonewire // Life As We Know It // Album Review 10
Stonewire // Life As We Know It // Album Review 10
Stonewire // Life As We Know It // Album Review 10
Stonewire // Life As We Know It // Album Review 10
Stonewire // Life As We Know It // Album Review 10
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Watch out world as Stonewire are about to grab you by the throat and deliver one of the finest blues/rock albums you will ever have a chance to feast upon.Frontwoman Sky hunter leads a cohort of rock legionnaires who are going to slay the opposition for certain. Check out their youtube channel if you need any more convincing.

Of the band’s latest single, ‘All That Matters’ Sky explains, “We feel it follows on perfectly from the first release ‘FTM’, which has a bigger, almost global feel to it where we try to reflect the mad (especially political) times we live in, whereas with ‘All That Matters’ the focus shifts to oneself. A case of yes, it’s crazy times, and it’s easy to be swept up in the drama and negativity that is surrounding us at the moment however, we have a choice. We can look at what is and despair or we can count our blessings so to speak and find that what we have inside of us is stronger than any outside ‘voice’. It is a story of self-reliance and that the truly important things like love, happiness and peace lie within and are only a glance away if we are willing to look.”

“We feel this is a very positive message,” Sky continues, “and the song, despite its heavy lead riff, is rather uplifting so we wanted to reflect this in the video. This song needed something completely different from the usual ‘band performs song in the warehouse’ (we’ve done that!). We wanted to tell the story of the lyric and capture the contrast of the music. Many ideas were thrown about until Steve and Sky had the idea what about an animation video? So we got to work finding someone; enter Ashley Miles from Hot Frog Animations His work is quite unique, and he is making a name for himself in the industry with Nuclear Blast’s very own Phil Campbell’s song ‘These Old Boots’ Feat. Dee Snider, amongst many other projects.”

Ash is an artist in his own right and he captured ‘All That Matters’ in his unique and quirky style perfectly. We are super happy with the end result are excited to unleash the new song and video”

Check out StoneWire’s latest release and see the band’s website for further news and forthcoming touring announcements.

This LP is just a great listen from start to finish and there really isn’t a bad track on there. It starts off hard and heavy with opener “Monkey Talk”. The riffs are catchy and the whole track grooves along like a steam train and then the train just keeps on rolling. Does it stop? Well, sort of when you reach Track 6 … and boy does this hit you right where it hurts. “Hero’s Journey” is a 7-minute epic and possibly the best masterpiece you will hear all year.

The Lp Rolls on with singles “FTM” and “All That Matters”  interspaced with other slabs of classic southern rock. 

The LP Life as We Know It is released Friday 1st November 


Mark Ellis

Catch StoneWire at their album launch Nov 14th at Hope and Anchor, London

Ticket Link:


Oct 26: Glasgow, Audio (Special guests of The Swamp Born Assassins)

Nov 8: Great Yarmouth, Hard Rock Hell XIII

Nov 14: London, Hope & Anchor

Dec 07: London, The Cavern


Facebook: @StoneWireUK

Twitter: @StoneWireMusic

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