Fathom coming out May 31st on Argonauta Records!



Following up on their critically acclaimed debut EP and 2016 full-length album, Italian heavy stoner rockers VEUVE take on a new step to fuzz greatness and will release their hotly anticipated, sophomore record on May 31st with Argonauta Records!

Fathom will once again worship VEUVE’s refreshing mix of fuzzy seventies-fashioned riffs in the likes of mother Sabbath, father Kyuss and the big brother Hawkind, infinite kraut-rock drifts into modern post-metal trails. Today the band is sharing with us a brand new single titled ‘Death of the Cosmonaut‘, taken from VEUVE’s heavy stoner rollercoaster Fathom.

Says the band: “Death of the Cosmonaut” is a brief, bald trip into the outer space: the story of a man launched in the universe, who sacrificed himself in the search of new forms of life. An on-drug journey around foreign planets! “Stars won’t shine if I don’t die.”

Watch VEUVE’s new music video right HERE!



Fathom Tracklisting:

1. Radars Are High
2. Taste Of Mud
3. Following
4. Death Of The Cosmonaut
5. Low In The Air
6. The Unseen
7. Into The Smoke

Coming out May 31st in CD and Digital formats on Argonauta Records, the album pre-order is now available AT THIS LOCATION!

Andrea Carlin – Drums
Stefano Crovato – Guitar
Riccardo Quattrin – Bass

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