Stone Sour // Hello, You Bastards: Live In Reno // Album Review
Stone Sour // Hello, You Bastards: Live In Reno // Album Review9
Stone Sour // Hello, You Bastards: Live In Reno // Album Review9
Stone Sour // Hello, You Bastards: Live In Reno // Album Review9
Stone Sour // Hello, You Bastards: Live In Reno // Album Review9
Stone Sour // Hello, You Bastards: Live In Reno // Album Review9
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The first-ever live release from the Grammy-nominated five-piece is about to be released and features the complete show from Reno in October 2018, with no cuts from other shows or overdubs.

Having released their debut album in 2002 with their self titled album, the band immediately became a very important band in the rock world, with the album gaining gold status and then in 2006 the band release Come What(ever) May which continued the amazing rise of the band and charted at number 1 on the Billboard’s Rock Album chart. 2010 Audio Secrecy was unleashed on the world and 2012 saw the release of both part 1 and part 2 of House of Gold & Bones some 6 months apart before 2017 saw the release of Hydrograd which rocketed to the top of charts across the world.

Hello, You Bastards: Live In Reno, contains a selection of tracks from across the discography and kicks into life in the way you would expect from the title and the intro from Hydrograd, allowing for the band to take the stage as you can hear the excitement build from the crowd before the band burst into life with ‘Taipei Person Allah Tea’. The bounce of the crowd can be felt through the speakers as the energy is transmitted perfectly and immediately brings images of Corey pacing around the stage, covering every single inch before the opener is even finished.

Blasting through some of the more recent tracks, Stone Sour show why they are such a highly rated band and the fact that they can carry it live is a testament to the high standards they impose on themselves.

After blasting through ‘Absolute Zero’ the paced is slowed right down as we get to a track that I will never forget seeing Corey Taylor playing live at Download 2010, the June after the passing of Paul Gray. An emotional track at the best of time, ‘Bother’ truly pulls on the heartstrings as the silence from the crowd is deafening.

Things then ramp up again with ‘Tired’ and soon we hit huge tracks such as ’30 30-150’ and the massive, recent track of ‘Song #3’ followed by ‘Through Glass’ with the band still of energy you can feel the crowd having the time of their lives as they sing along with this modern anthem.

Closing proceedings with an encore of ‘Made of Scars’ and the ‘Fabuless’ this live capture leaves you with a few feelings, one of wishing that you had been at that show, one of when are they touring next and the final one of wanting a gig that is so much longer as this band really do not disappoint.

Hello, You Bastards: Live In Reno has captured the atmosphere, energy and passion of a live performance to magnificent levels. Live albums are very often a disappointment as the sound levels and mix mean that something is lost in translation, however not on this occasion. The execution and recording allow full appreciation of the live experience and get you bouncing and singing along with this great band as they play a fantastic set and will happily get people wanting new music when the band are back together.

Ed Ford


Hello, You Bastards: Live In Reno is released December 13th 2019 via Cooking Vinyl.

Track List

1.       YSIF – Live

2.       Taipei Person Allah Tea

3.       Do Me A Favor

4.       Knievel Has Landed

5.       Whiplash Pants

6.       Absolute Zero

7.       Bother

8.       Tired

9.       Rose Red Violent Blue

10.   30 30-150

11.   Get Inside

12.   Reborn

13.   Song #3

14.   Through Glass

15.   Made of Scars

16.   Fabuless



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