Stone Sea // Brazilian-Irish Trio Talk Influences & Inspirado With Rock ‘N’ Load

So for anyone unfamiliar with yourself, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here. 

Well, the band was originated in Brazil in 2014 by the vocalist and guitarist Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso, the band recorded their debut album ‘Origins’ and shortly after, Elvis moved to Ireland, where Stone Sea became a 3-piece, and recorded their EP’s ‘Vaporizer’ and ‘Mankind Maze’. The band then underwent a lineup change with the addition of drummer Connor Middleton; and bassist Jonathan Parminter.

2. What’s Happening Now: Tell us about what you are currently up to, Here you can put in a press release to plug your latest offering.

This year we are working on a new album, so there are plenty of new songs on the bank to be recorded. We’ll be releasing a music video for an alternative version of one of the tracks of our latest EP Mankind Maze (2019) and for one of our new songs. We also have a UK tour booked in September, but we’re depending and hoping that the Corona Virus situation will be better by then. 

Manking Maze (2019)

3. What is next for you?

Our short-term goals are mainly focused on playing at bigger festivals, opening for bigger bands, also working towards a new tour around Europe. For the long-term plans, our main focus is, apart from world domination, live by our music. 


Influences & Inspiration

Elvis – I remember being 11 years when I first saw Nirvana’s new song and music video “You Know You’re Right” on MTV. I couldn’t understand the lyrics, didn’t know about Kurt’s life but the emotion and attitude got me whole. Then a while later my dad showed  me a DVD of Black Sabbath, I went mad at the Sabbath’s atmosphere. It’s like if Nirvana connected with my inside world and Black Sabbath with the world around me, Music transcends languages I wanted someone to feel the same way I did, to feel connected and understood.

Nirvana – You Know You’re Right 

Black Sabbath – Hand Of Doom 


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