Stillbirth // Revive The Throne // Album Review
Stillbirth // Revive The Throne // Album Review9
Stillbirth // Revive The Throne // Album Review9
Stillbirth // Revive The Throne // Album Review9
Stillbirth // Revive The Throne // Album Review9
Stillbirth // Revive The Throne // Album Review9
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Having been formed in 1999, the band released its first album Happy Stillbirth Party and following some changes in personnel along with the band taking a hiatus between 2004 and 2007, Stillbirth returned with their new fresh-faced line up on split releases Supreme Brutal Legions 3 and Soldiers of Death before 2009 saw their release of the second full-length album Plakative Aggression along with destroying Eastern European stages and promoting until in 2011 Endgame is Near was released on the world. Global Error followed in 2015 which was followed by a full tour of the USA followed by a European Tour and then the band signed with Unique Leader Records and released Annihilation of Mankind and in 2019 the band released Back To The Stoned Age which was a re-recording of the previous albums best songs.

Revive The Throne is 11 new tracks, spanning 36 minutes, of what the band claim to be some of the heaviest material that they have produces and have utilized two basses for the first time to get added brutality.

As soon as you press play, the feeling of the gladiatorial arena is present and then the music hits and begins to destroy everything in its way. The way all the instruments work together and then with the vocal crushing, it is clear that the band’s claim may be very accurate.

As the album continues, the drums are punished to their limits, the guitars are as intense and slashing as they come, the use of double bass adds some hefty low-end punch and the guttural vocal is as gravelly and course as they come but also with the ability to mix it up to add a little variety.

The riffs will grab you by the throat and squeeze as the band really start to exert their power and brutality, having complete disregard for any let-up as they seek to squeeze every last drop of resolve out of you.

Revive The Throne is a quality addition to any discography and an album that continues to push Stillbirth to the upper echelons of the Brutal Death Metal spectrum as they push the boundaries of Death Metal, Grindcore, and Deathcore, blending them all into one – the Stillbirth experience.


Ed Ford

Revive The Throne is released August 7th 2020 via Unique Leader Records.

Track List

  1. Degraded to Mutilation
  2. Revive the Throne
  3. Degeneration
  4. Mans Tormentor
  5. Panem et Circenses
  6. Breed of Bestiality
  7. Eating Flesh of the Objector
  8. Revolt of the Week
  9. Echoes of the Trumpets
  10. Unleash the Mutation
  11. Dethrone the King



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