Stillbirth – Back To The Stoned Age – Album Review

The German monstrosity that is Stillbirth has re-recorded a selection of tracks and thrown them together to create this 13 track Grind, Slam, Brutal Death Metal atrocity that will blast you to pieces as you wait for their next release.

Having been formed in 1999, the band released its first album Happy Stillbirth Party and following some changes in personnel along with the band taking a hiatus between 2004 and 2007, Stillbirth returned with their new fresh-faced line up on split releases Supreme Brutal Legions 3 and Soldiers of Death before 2009 saw their release of the second full-length album Plakative Aggression along with destroying Eastern European stages and promoting until in 2011 Endgame is Near was released on the world. Global Error followed in 2015 which was followed by a full tour of the USA followed by a European Tour and then the band signed with Unique Leader Records and released Annihilation of Mankind and now we have Back To The Stoned Aged to tide us over until a new original album slated for 2020.

For those unaware of Stillbirth, the name will probably give away that they aren’t a dad rock kind of band and will either baffle or offend quite a few, whilst those of us that like their music heavier, with a side of Slam with their Brutal Death Metal whilst being serenaded by Guttural vocals and the occasional smattering of blast beats will love this.

Featuring guest performers from across the heavy spectrum, this album has everything from deep and gruff vocals to pig-like effect as you party your way across the 13 tracks using both hammered and shark fins as your movement of choice, with the occasional stomp and head nod as the intensity to the album makes your body move in ways that only this extreme style of music can.

Back To The Stoned Ageis the perfect album for fans who are not acquainted with the fine art of Stillbirth to cut their teeth to, whilst also providing a rerecorded history lesson to those who have sampled the delights before and fancy a recap of the brilliance that this fun-loving band have shared with us previously.

This is certain to be on heavy rotation in many a brutal household.

Ed Ford

Back To The Stoned Age will be released August 30th via Rotten Roll Rex and self-release.

Track List

  1. Riot Auffer Buehne 2.0
  2. Open Up This Fuckin’ Pit 2.0 – feat. Vivien Rue from Embrace your Punishment
  3. Endgame Is Near 2.0
  4. Human Parasite 2.0
  5. Chainsaw vs. Face 2.0 – feat. Kaushal Lakiradipali from Gutslit & Godless
  6. Beating Pacifists 2.0 – feat. Vladislav Martirosov from Extermination Dismemberment
  7. Global Error 2.0
  8. Individual Related 2.0 – feat. Iiro Kosonen from Cumbeast
  9. Legalize It
  10. Steuerklasse 1 Und Keiner Sagt Danke 2.0 – feat. Larry Wang from Maggot Colony & Gorepot
  11. Addicted To Abortion 2.0
  12. On The Edge Of Society 2.0 – feat. Julien Truchan from Benighted
  13. Brootal Party 2.0 – feat. Kris Xenopoulos from Vulvodynia & Xavleg



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