Steve Lukather is an industry legend amongst guitar players. I remember talking to the late, great Michael Casswell, an amazing player himself, about Lukather and how he was just in awe of his playing. Somehow Lukather makes every note sound like more than the sum of its parts and with that in mind, his new solo release was eagerly awaited.

            The first track, `Along For The Ride’ is just what you’d expect from Lukather – gravely vocals, an addictive riff flavoured with some delicate whammy bar action and that jazz-rock beat that runs through most Toto albums too. The riff wise we are close to early Van Halen and the keys midway are straight from The Who’sWon’t Get Fooled Again’ Simply glorious! `Serpent Soul’ is a quirkier beast altogether. Bluesier in style stripped-down, mean n moody vocals and tasty piano parts hang out at this party.

            Lukather covers Traffic’sLow Spark Of High Heeled Boys’ and adds meat to the original as well as a good dose of bluesy soloing. The slow-paced, sweet wailing guitar phrasings follow on `Journey Through’ which is a totally instrumental track.

            Joe Walsh’ `Welcome To The Club’ gets the Lukather treatment next. A full, thick rounded rocking sound makes this version absolutely superb. The title track, `I Found The Sun Again’ pulls in dreamy semi-acoustic guitars and a soulful vocal making this a lazy bar room blues number that receives some sweet fretboard soloing midway.

            Taking a sort of sixties rock path comes `Run To Me’. Think of your fav Liverpool bands and add more distortion to the guitars and you’ve got an idea of how this sounds. It was bright, cheerful and actually damn good! The final track on the album is also another cover but this time its Robin Trower’sBridge Of Sighs’. The intro could easily be the Clangers but that apart it is an intense rendition of the original.

            Many tracks found here really do have that Toto feel, which is not surprising considering that David Paich plays organ and keyboards throughout and Joseph Williams sings on many of the tracks. Greg Bissonette, Ringo Starr, keyboardist Jeff Babko, and bassists Jorgen Carlsson and John Pierce also appear on the album. What is amazing, a probably why every track has such a great “feel” is that it was all recorded live, no rehearsal with one run through then recorded one take 2. It takes a certain kind of musicianship to be able to pull that off and Steve Lukather and his musical buddies have that in spades.

            If you love guitars and Toto then you’re gonna adore this album. All hail Lukather – master of the fretboard!!!


Review: Paul Sabin 


I Found The Sun Again
Released 26th February 2021 via The Players Club / Mascot Label Group


Track Listing
1.  Along For The Ride
2. Serpent Soul
3. The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
4. Journey Through
5. Welcome To The Club
6. I Found The Sun Again
7. Run To Me
8. Bridge Of Sighs



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