Stepson // Help Me Help You // Album Review


Formed back in 2014, Hardcore 5-Piece Stepson quickly built a name for themselves within their home of Australia thanks to their endless touring and energetic, raw and emotional blend of Hardcore with elements of modern Punk and Metalcore thrown in.

Help Me, Help You, originally meant for release back in 2020, is a love letter to heavy music as a whole with its blend of genres and sounds that create this ever-changing but never disjointed experience. The wide range of the band’s influence is obvious from just a few tracks of the album with
Learning To Let Go being pure Australian Metalcore in every way while track 3
Deeper Sleepkeeps the Metalcore roots while also bringing in elements of Emo/Pop-Punk in the vocals and guitar work.
Who Are Weis another great example of just how wide the range of influences are for Stepson with the track essentially being a love letter to both the early 2000’s and mid-2010’s styles of Pop-Punk before moving on The Entire History Of You

that is a pure Emotional Hardcore anthem in the same vein as something you’d expect to hear from the likes of Defeater?  Track 6,

I Wish, changes the album’s sound insanely fast with its ambient atmospheric guitar work and a Dark/Emo Pop vocal performance and instrumental backing. The entire album eventually cumulates into track 12Say Something, a great closing track that brings in sounds and inspiration from most of the sounds you can find across the rest of the album that helps wrap it up incredibly well.
Help Me, Help You is a great first release from one of the more unique bands I’ve heard within the punk/Hardcore scene in an insanely long time, be it from the fantastic musicianship and performances across each of the album’s tracks to the risky move of having a debut album with such an insane range of sounds and influences. Stepson has created a genuinely great album full of energy and passion that any fan of Hardcore, Metalcore or Pop-Punk should definitely check out.


Help Me, Help You Is Out Friday 26th March Via Sharptone Records.



1. Learning To Let Go 3:27

2. Run 3:54
3. Deeper Sleep 3:23
4. Who Are We? 3:15

5. The Entire History Of You 5:11

6. I Wish 3:36
7. Dilemma 2:44
8. Come With Me 2:51

9. Hush ft. Zach Britt 3:30

10. The Shift, The Blur 3:44

11. Say Something 3:39




Stepson // Help Me Help You // Album Review
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