Steel Panther // Wayward Sons // Live Review // O2. Academy // Bristol
Steel Panther // Wayward Sons // Live Review // O2. Academy // Bristol
5.0Overall Score


Wayward Son’s Toby Jepson announces at the beginning of the set, that tonight, he’s playing his home-town, so there’s much raucous applaud from the audience from the start.  The band dives straight into pumping out some great, high-quality rock tunes such as ‘Alive’ and ‘Ghost’. The guys are touring their latest offering The Truth Aint What It Used To Be, a rocking album that incorporates everything that the Wayward Sons throw into their live performance in one beautiful recording. The high energy, high-octane performance is. infectious and has the crowd pumping setting a high bar indeed for what is to come.  There are guitars raised in the air and Toby gets the crowd clapping and dancing throughout. And with a super impressive guitar-throw to the back of the stage, right at the end of the set, it’s a great way to get the party started for the infamous Steel Panther!


Steel Panther is into the third week of the European leg of their Heavy Metal Rules tour. If you’ve never seen them before, well, what a treat! Sequins, sweat-bands, REALLY big hair, tight denim, this bunch are super-glam rockers.However, if you’re easily offended by lyrics about sex, groupies, or snorting drugs then this probably isn’t for you.

The band starts by getting the crowd rocking with ‘Eyes of a Panther’, and with plenty of crotch-grabbing and gyrating hips, they burst into their second song, Let me Cum In which definitely has elements of Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’ in places, but this is what this band are all about. These guys have the sound and the look of a 1980s heavy metal band but with a huge dose of silliness chucked in.

The music stops and we get our first real introduction to the band. “Bristol, we’re here to rock your fucking town and we’re giving out free cocaine after the show!” The crowd go wild, let the fist-pumping commence. The group indulges the audience in witty banter and hugely non-PC comedy throughout the whole set and the crowd loves it.

‘All I Wanna Do is Fuck’ is hilarious, high-energy fun and the band continues to spoil us with ludicrous guitar licking, fancy footwork and some pretty clever drum-stick throwing tricks. But don’t think Steel Panther is all comedy and crazy antics. These guys are seriously good musicians too. Lead singer, Michael Starr’s vocals are awesome, and he reaches some seriously heady notes. There are equally impressive guitar solos thrown in there as well by the very talented Satchel.

We get to ‘Asian Hooker ‘and the dancing almost gets a little bit Eric Prinz at this point before moving on to one of the highlights of the set, ‘Fuck Everybody’, which is ridiculously catchy and gets everyone singing along. Then it’s time to get the girls on stage, starting with the gorgeous ‘Harriet’ who is pulled out of the crowd, perched on a stall, and serenaded with lyrics about what the band would like to do all over her face, you get the picture.  A whole bevy of beautiful ladies join the band on stage to really rock it out to 17 Girls before things slow down a little with the Aerosmith-Esque rock ballad, ‘Community Property’. The set finishes with one of their real stand-out tunes, ‘Gloryhole’ which is punchy, crazy and a great way to end a massively entertaining night.

New album ‘Heavy Metal Rules’out NOW! Download/Stream at
SATCHEL – Lead Guitar
LEXXI FOXX – Bass Guitar
Review: Laura Gosling
Photography: Emma Painter

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