Stay Free Recordings and Waldman Management Team Up on 7″ Vinyl Comp “Waldmania Mix 2021”

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Stay Free Recordings and Waldman Management Team Up on 7″ Vinyl Comp “Waldmania Mix 2021” feat. Superkick, 18th & Addison, Tidal Babes, Satin Puppets

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18th & Addison

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Tidal Babes

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Satin Puppets

Stay Free Recordings has partnered with LA-based music management company Waldman Management on the new ‘Waldmania Mix 2021’ vinyl compilation, showcasing music from 4 of the company’s latest alternative/indie acts- Superkick (Chicago, IL), 18th & Addison (Las Vegas, NV), Tidal Babes (Los Angeles, CA) and Satin Puppets (Los Angeles, CA).

Viny Details:

100 on silver, 100 on gold

Available To Order Here:

Waldman Management’s Scott Waldman says “I called JHalpy to send him some mazel about his new label, and he offered me a management compilation 7” on said call. The music industry/world is a crazy place, and this is fucking nutty in the best way ever. Superkick, 18th & Addison, Tidal Babes, and Satin Puppets are amazing bands, and I hope that you agree.”

About the bands:


Superkick is an alternative indie Trio from Chicago, IL. Superkick is Vocalist and guitarist Mike Vaughn, Vocalist and Bassist Joey Youngs, and Drummer Tom Ruby. They all came together in 2018 when middle school friends, Joey and Mike, bumped into a kid named Tom inside of a mosh pit. They bring together a wide range of influences from bands like Jawbreaker, The Strokes, The Cure, The Descendents, and more. The band name Superkick came to fruition when they realized they all shared a mutual love for ridiculous spectacles. They thought of no more beautiful of a spectacle than Sweet Chin Music, AKA a Superkick. Check us out on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter boys and girls. Their music is a nice big Superkick to the face.

For fans of: Pup, Joy Division, Superchunk, The Strokes, Joyce Manor

Mike Vaughn of Superkick says, “Yo! ‘Project 21′ an absolute banger on our last EP coming to you on wax for the first time ever. Extremely trendy.”

Watch the video for “Project 21” HERE:

18th & Addison

18th & Addison is an eclectic pop-rock duo consisting of the now-married couple, Tom and Kait Kunzman. By fearlessly blending all of their musical influences from Punk Rock, 80’s New Wave, and post-punk to modern pop, 18th & Addison are cultivating a style of music to proudly call their own. With their ferociously honest yet poetic lyrical content, unapologetic punch-in-the-gut guitar riffs, and powerhouse drumming to drive it all home and keep you dancing, they are proving that they are a serious force to be reckoned with.

The duo has been releasing music since late 2014 and booking their own tours and shows in support of each one all over the United States. Now, mid-pandemic, the duo is following up their 2019 Wiretap Records release “Old Blues / Modern Love” with a brand new single entitled “Broke Down in Babylon” which features Fred Mascherino (The Color Fred, ex-Taking Back Sunday) as a guest vocalist and moving across the country to continue chasing their goals in a new city. This new single is the first to showcase the duo’s multi-instrumentalism on record.

18th & Addison says, “We’ve wanted to have our music pressed to vinyl in some way for quite some time now but we’ve always struggled to make that a reality. This song is the first time we recorded every single instrument ourselves and since we are so proud of the outcome of that, it makes us really happy to see this compilation come to life with our “Broke Down in Babylon” involved.”

Watch the “Broke Down in Babylon” (feat. Fred Mascherino) video HERE:

Tidal Babes

Tidal Babes have “dialed into the edgy power-pop that embodies the Southern California life – surf guitars, big hooks, spunky female vocals backed by sunny harmonies”- Kevin Bronson – LA Buzz Bands

Cool waves, good music & fun times on a warm California day

That’s the idea behind Los Angeles-based dirty beach-pop band Tidal Babes.

Singer Lyndsi Austin and songwriter/producer Chris Qualls (Concord Music Publishing/Cutcraft Music Group) were attending a concert in Hollywood when they started discussing a potential new project together. Both grew up playing in rock bands but had switched over to making pop music for years. That night, inspired by the rock show they had just seen (and a little bit of whiskey), the two began brainstorming the foundation for a new band that combined all the things they loved about Southern California and it’s musical history; Surf rock guitars; The energy of Orange County punk rock; Beach Boys harmonies; The sassiness of the east LA socialites and fashionistas; Cruising down Sunset Boulevard.

Both were excited about the possibilities and decided to head back to Echo Park for a late-night songwriting session at Qualls’ studio. When they got into the studio, Qualls pitched an idea that ended up becoming the core concept behind the Tidal Babes songwriting process: writing each song in under an hour. As a professional songwriter, Qualls spends most of his time overanalyzing every detail of the pop songs he works on daily – so instead, he wanted to capture the energy, fun and immediacy for this project. Austin was open to the idea and loved that it would keep everything fun and light. The two then spent the next 45 minutes writing the song “Do You Wanna Come Over?”

The next morning Qualls sent the demo over to drummer Danny DeLeon of seminal LA dance-punk band Moving Units. DeLeon loved the track & band concept and was excited to play drums for the group, and Tidal Babes was officially born.

Press outlets that have covered Tidal Babes include: Earmilk,, LA Buzz Bands, Grunge Cake, Kings of A&R, Little Dose of Indie, Alternative Addiction, Girl Underground Music, The Fresh Committee, Pure Grain Audio, Loud Women, Le Futurewave and Brazil’s popular Canal Off Surf Music.

Tidal Babes has had radio coverage on The World Famous KROQ 106.7, ALT 98.7, The Rodney Bingenheimer Show on Sirius XM, and KXLU 88.9

Tidal Babes say, “Our song ‘All Night’ is about loving someone who is bad for you. Someone that you and all your friends know
you shouldn’t be with but you just can’t help yourself.”

Watch the “All Night” video HERE:

Satin Puppets

Puppets are a vessel of expression just as all us humans are. when we recognize our power and we nurture the worlds within us we find ourselves projecting our magic into the world thus liberating ourselves from the need to constantly fill a void that only exists if we perceive ourselves to be hollow.

Joanna of Satin Puppets says, “Julia and I have always taken comfort in a world of nonsense because we always knew that as long as we are taking care of our world, feeding the canine snapdragons their favorite gumdrops and singing a tune to the melancholy mountain with their sulky eyes than we are safe here.”

Julia adds “We are so excited to share what we have brewing as the Satin Puppets and hope that our music reaches those who need to hear it most.”

Watch Satiin Puppets’ “Quagmire” video HERE:

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