Static X // Soil // Wednesday 13 // Live Review // Leeds Stylus
Static X // Soil // Wednesday 13 // Live Review // Leeds Stylus
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On a grey and rainy Saturday in the middle of Leeds University Union, the mother of all nu-metal shows has begun. In a place usually reserved for the social lives of students, there is an unusual crowd of metal t-shirts, dreadlocked hair and NewRock boots. This means only one thing and that’s that the Static X tour has rolled into town! With support being taken care of by some huge names in Wednesday 13 and SoiL it’s certainly going to be one hell of a night. 

Wednesday 13 are one of those bands who you need to see their show at least once. Whether you’re a fan of their Halloween inspired style or not, the performance these guys put on is one to keep you completely captivated. Having seen them last at Bloodstock in 2018, I was certainly excited to these guys again. And boy did they not disappoint! With the costumes and props it was certainly one of their performances. As each track ended that meant a new costume or change in theme as we moved through the spook kings catalogue of the dark and the weird. The crowd ate them up as you can’t help but bang your head along to the music and get involved. By the end of the set they had the whole crowd on board as a sea of middle fingers were raised for “Fuck You” as Wednesday 13 himself brandished the familiar umbrella around. 

Next up were SoiL who are another band who never seem to disappoint with an epic performance. Storming in with “Breaking Me Down” they brought the high energy right from the start! Playing through the set list which was full of classic tracks that every SoiL fan can shout out, the band did what they do best. But front man Ryan McCombs brought the crowd down for a moment to remind us all why we’re all in this room tonight. “Give It Up” was originally written and performed by Wayne Static himself so the band honoured his memory with a performance of the track with original vocals included.  To close what seemed like a rather short set, there can be only one SoiL track, “Halo”. As always McCombs jumped into the crowd to perform dead center as a pit opened up in front of him and the crowd pushed eager to be closer to the front man. As always this band left you wanting more.

So here we are, the reason for this whole tour, the band of the night – Static X. After the sad death of Wayne Static the band have decided to keep going and part of this is through a remembrance tour which we are seeing tonight. Now rather than replace Wayne altogether, an interesting choice was made instead. Welcome XeroX! Little is known about the new singer other than he is around 7 feet tall and wears a mask of Wayne’s face. The idea behind him is an interesting one, with some fans loving the idea and others not so much. Regardless of how you feel, there’s one thing which can’t be questioned, and that’s the band’s performance. After a slightly longer than necessary intro, the founding members bounded onto the stage high with energy. From the very first track it was clear that this is a band who love to perform to their fans. The fans responded as circle pits opened and words were sung back to the band. There was no denying the amazing atmosphere in the building which was just lighting up the place. While fans have always joined in with bands to make it a memorable experience, there was just something else about looking around this crowd tonight, that showed just how important this band has been to them. This is what takes an ordinary great performance to a memorable experience. The band kept up the energy as they moved around the stage, jumping around and quite clearly loving every moment. XeroX himself seemed a little stiff in his movements, but I am unsure if this is a choice for performance or just who he is. Only time will tell on that one. Overall however, if you’ve got the time, whether you’re a fan of any of the bands or not, this is one hell of a tour to catch. With not a boring moment across the night and a mix of the interesting and strange, this is a tour not to be missed!


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