State Champs - Seaway - Stand Atlantic - Woes - Knock It Out Of The Park In Leeds!!!
State Champs - Seaway - Stand Atlantic - Woes
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It’s the day before Halloween and there’s definitely a chill to air outside. However inside the O2 Leeds Academy there is a large Pop Punk fan base ready to get a bit sweaty. With 4 awesome bands on the line up, it was bound to get a little messy!

Up first were newcomers ​Woes​​ who have released their EP ​Self Help ​earlier in the year​.They were ready to start the night with bundles of energy. Bouncing across the stage they were here to have a party tonight. They certainly weren’t going to let the crowd not start early either as they got the crowd calling back and raising their hands on the air. It’s was already a great start to the night so far!

Stand Atlantic ​​took over the stage next. With their debut album ​Skinny Dipping ​released just last week it was clear that they had a fan base here tonight. Playing a blend of tracks from their EP and album, they certainly put on a show. From the odd crowd surfer to a mini mosh pit going on, this crowd was 100% behind this band. The guys themselves made sure that they were going to put on a show and that they must certainly did. With guitars spinning and just great playing, they are proving why they have created such a storm over the past year. With their final song “Coffee At Midnight”, the crowd was singing along and clearly knew the words as the band stopped singing to hear the crowd belt out the words. Throw in a few more crowd surfers and this night was turning into a pure Pop Punk party!

​Seaway ​​ran the show next with their injection of energy on the stage. If the room was moving before it was on fire with these guys. Playing a set list which was largely dominated by tracks off of their latest album ​Vacation.​ The band encouraged the crowd to jump around but little encouragement was needed as heads bobbed above the sea of bodies and bodies came over the barrier. It was frontman ​Ryan Locke ​​that had the most energy as I’m not sure he stopped moving for more than a second throughout their entire set. Between dancing and jumping around he was like the Duracell Bunny. The crowd was having an absolute party with these guys as the rooms energy lifted higher and higher the more the night went on. But no Leeds gig would be complete without the crowds chants of “Yorkshire”! It was definitely full swing in the room by this point and we still had our headlining act to go!

With the stage made bigger and the riders in place it was time for ​State Champs.​​ While there was a slight delay, the crowd was kept entertained with the music playing over the speakers which was a blend of new and old Pop Punk music. The excitement was only building for these guys to hit the stage. Once the lights went down this excitement only grew as the guys were ready to go. Bursting into the light with “Criminals” there wasn’t a silent voice in the room. The guitars were spinning, the band was jumping and the show was here. But the third song “Losing Myself”, bodies were coming over the barriers and the rest were bouncing about the crowd. The whole atmosphere was charged with energy as the band put on a show unlikely to be forgotten about any soon. The set list consisted of a blend of classics and tracks of their latest album “Living Proof” which was released earlier this year. But what they played wouldn’t have made much of a difference to these fans as they knew every word to every track. The band kept up the momentum that the supporting acts had built up and made sure that the party continued. As the night drew to a close there was only two tracks that could be ready for the encore. Starting with “Elevated” that was exactly what this crowd was as they continued to go wild for this band. The fast paced “Secrets” was the last track of the night which meant it was time for some pyro to create a unforgettable moment. While the show may have ended by this point, the party hadn’t as much of the crowd and the bands headed over to the Key Club for the after party.

All four bands on the bill tonight had taken the room to a new level with their feel good music and fast paced sound. But what could we have expected when you throw together some of the newest and biggest names in Pop Punk into one stage – a huge party and an unforgettable night!

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Photography: Mark Ellis 

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