Stanley Sibande South African based, Zambian born, Acoustic Singer Songwriter Drops New Single “Lavender Eyes”

Stanley Sibande is a South African based, Zambian born, solo, Acoustic Singer Songwriter. He began his journey as a musician in his formative years singing along to popular music with his siblings in the living room of his childhood home as a pass-time. Joining his first band while taking a gap year in 2013, He picked up guitar and soon after that, started writing his own compositions which are heavily influenced by the likes of Hozier, SYML, Bastille, Linkin Park and Cinematic Orchestra.

His composition style is an amalgamation of the melancholic soundscapes of indie and rock coupled with the simplistic, yet catchy melodic compositions of modern alternative pop, serving as a backdrop for a narrative lyricism style that usually touches on the darker elements of the human condition and his journey through that landscape. His performance style is a homage to the early 2000’s post grunge/Hard rock scene that combines loud, raspy and melodic vocals with a big rhythm driven Acoustic guitar sound.

Today sees the release of his latest single “Lavender Eyes”, which was produced, recorded and mixed by Jon Shaban at Sit the Folk Down studio and mastered by Tim Lengfeld.

Composer – Stanley Sibande
Publisher – Just Music Publishing
ISRC – ZAS1J2100054

Lavender Eyes came up after a few months of writer’s block on a very unassuming evening. After a much-needed evening blunt, I went back to my room, lit up a stick of lavender incense and sat next to it with my guitar to noodle around and I got the idea to write about any random thing in my room and the lavender stick was the best contender. A couple of hours later, this song was fully written out exactly as it is now. As with most of my songs, there is a deeper metaphorical meaning to writing a song about a stick of lavender for me, but this is a song I feel people can listen to in any which way and take their own meaning from. I’m not one to do anything creative under the influence but that night was the exception I guess and I’m super proud of how it turned out.”