Stand Atlantic - In Her Own Words - Shaded - Live Review - Key Club - Leeds
Stand Atlantic - In Her Own Words - Shaded - Live Review - Key Club - Leeds
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It’s the first night of their UK tour and ​Stand Atlantic ​are kicking it off with a bang. Starting here in Leeds at The Key Club, this is the first of many a sold out night! Having graced the city a few times in the last couple of years, this is the first time for them to headline and it’s clear to see they’ve captured many a heart in the huge Pop Punk community that resides here.

Starting the night, is ​Shaded​, a London band who have clearly got quite a fan base in the venue tonight. They didn’t need to start the party as the crowd were already ready to have a good time! With the crowd pushed forward the band took over and played an amazing set that saw the fans jumping, clapping and we even saw our first few crowd surfers too! Shaded’s​ set was the perfect way to start with as they played their way through some great pop punk anthems that you just couldn’t help but get behind and join in the fun!

Next up were ​In Her Own Words​ who had already created quite a stir of excitement though the fans in attendance tonight. Right from the moment the band took the stage the atmosphere in this small club lit up. As bodies bounced around and flew over the top of the crowd, this had now become a Key Club gig! The band took it all in their element as they got up close and personal with the fans who had pushed forward to get as close as they could to them. The front man even took the classic key club move and stood on the barrier and hung from the ceiling as is tradition. As for the set itself it was full of old and new tracks as they played some fan favourites as well as showcased a few tracks off the new album too, which is due for release next week! By this point in the night the room had well and truly filled with a crowd who was here for a good time!

As the lights dropped, and the sound system stopped playing those well known anthems that kept the crowd going between sets, the chants of “Yorkshire” sounded through the venue. It was time for our headline act to take over. Opening with the energetic “Bullfrog”, ​Stand Atlantic ​needed no help in getting the crowd going. From the this moment, the night turned into pure chaos! Bodies were quite literally launched above the crowd, as limbs flew up in the air. The crowd surfers never seemed to stop apart from when the band slowed down the set with the emotional “Toothpicks” and even then fans were sat upon shoulders above the crowd. When vocalist and front woman ​Bonnie Fraser​ announced she wanted to step back because she was scared, it was easy to understand why, as these fans had absolutely no fear! The whole band seemed to really appreciate the response they were gaining from the fans tonight, and it was great to see the response for their first headline tour. Having caught them on each of their trips to the UK and Leeds in support of others, it was quite amazing to see the fan base they had managed to build in the small amount of time they had been gracing our shores, and it was certainly well deserved. It’s certainly been awhile since I’ve heard a crowd sing quite so loud alongside the band and this was especially heard through their oldest tracks from the very first EP. “Sidewinder” and “Chemicals” got a fantastic response from the crowd as well as the title track “Skinny-dipping” from the band’s debut album. It was amazing to see that despite the chaos surrounding them, the band stayed strong playing through the set, without missing a beat, as the bodies flew towards them. Now I keep talking about the crowd tonight because they were almost as impressive as the band themselves to watch! These fearless individuals throwing themselves at the crowd, missing shoes at times, with no concerns they may land head first! The highlight though had to be for

when Bonnie encouraged the crowd to shine their phone lights and someone raised a shoe (!) with led lights in the laces!
As the band came back to take on the encore to conclude their hours set, the room was well and truly sweaty yet still excited. Launching into “Coffee at Midnight”, Bonnie left the guitar behind taking center stage with just the mic. She too took the Key Club tradition as she bravely took to stand upon the barrier and get up close and personal with the fans. This was the loudest the crowd became all night and the most wild. Closing the night with “Lavender Bones”, the whole band had put on one hell of a show, staying strong and proving why these fans had fallen so deeply for them.

With the rest of the tour to go and only two nights not to have sold out (yet), Leeds had raised the bar for the rest of the tour. I have no doubt each of the rest of nights, will bring more chaos and more love for these guys. If you are able to grab a last minute ticket, this is a show you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

Review: Emmie Ellis

Photography: Simon Walker


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