Release New Video For ‘Devolution’Taken From The Bands Album ‘Critical Method
Out Now Via Hassle Records 


‘Stake deal primarily in catchy yet unconventional proggy, sludgy post-metal, and Critical Method is a solid collection from start to finish.’ –  Kerrang!

‘Critical Method, delivering a crushing sense of cerebral heaviness, showing that they are reinvigorated and ready to conquer the world’ – Metal Hammer

‘The riffs are mammoth and groove laden, with the tracks exuding a strong melodic presence.’ – Dead Press

Stake have today released a new video for ‘Devolution’, a video Brent in the band created while in isolation and using public domain found footage online”

“We were not planning to release this single at this time, but everything about it is so scarily fitting to the state of the world we are currently living in, and once we started to think about it, and about the video, it all just made a lot of sense to us.

With a lack of opportunities to make a video outside the comfort of our homes, due to quarantine, we used free public domain footage. To then further enforce the DIY nature of this video, the export function in iMovie wasn’t working so we had to film the screen!

At this present time, our every-day emotions are shifting from scared to optimistic, nervous and insecure to hopeful. We have never before experienced anything like this. Our spoilt generation in this country have suddenly been shaken by something uncontrollable; the uncertainty of how things will develop, and each day trying to stay positive; the melancholy of how things were.

So many people before us experienced this already: not being able to roam free and be careless.

Our hope is that people here, when all is well again (and it will be!) will remember this feeling and thus feel love and understanding for those who experience the pain of not being able to control their own lives and having to be scared and insecure every day.

This is an ode to that sentiment. Let there be empathy and care. Let’s recognise how fortunate we are and use this to help others.”


Critical Method is out now:

STAKE‘s music is loud, hard, and uncompromising. Something carried on from the bands previous incarnation ‘Steak Number Eight’ who, right upto their metamorphosis were selling out Belgium’s biggest venues & supporting the likes of Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Deftones. A brand new chapter with an unseen energy, producing a unique hyper atmospheric and grunge-influenced melodic post-metal is now upon them.


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