STAHLMANN release their new album ‘Kinder Den Sehnsucht’ on 22nd March on AFM Records

Their first single & video ‘Kinder Den Sehnsucht’ has just been released and you can check it out here:

Pre-order the album here:

The German band STAHLMANN, reknown for their spectacular stage presence, are also famous for constantly developing their uncompromising sound. Now more than ever – thus their newest album ‘Kinder Der Sehnsucht’ breaks open some traditional genre borders.

Stoic guitars, chilling electro-parts and brutal lyrics mix perfectly with Punk rock and Deutschrock elements. All that the hard German music scene is representing today – all of this is part of this record. Ever since they established themselves, STAHLMANN brought the NDH genre to perfection, and again they present themselves in a completely new way and set new standards.

Hands-on, confident and ruthless – STAHLMANN draw a picture of a society that strives for fulfillment, is longing for dreams, is celebrating friendship, seeking for sensation and drowning in sentimentality. Accurate as a painter frontman, STAHLMANN-mastermind Mart Soer is confronting a modern society with their own portrait. “Our society is more socially connected and flooded with information and incidents more than ever before“, singer
Mart Soer says, “and at the same time it is lonelier, more meaningless and more unoriented than ever.“
On the other hand, STAHLMANN can also tell positive aspects of our society. The song “Die Besten“ is a hymn to friendship. “Friendship is the most precious thing that exists“, Mart states. “Being able to rely on someone and talking honest with people is something that should be celebrated and honored much more often. Real friendship is worth that.“

Since their inception over a decade ago, STAHLMANN continue to make their way to the top – step by step. Already their debut ‘Stahlmann’ in 2010 made a big impression on the German music market. The successor ‘Quecksilber’ entered the Top 40 of German album charts and since then the band firmly booked their entry to Media-Control- and Club charts.

When releasing the first two singles ‘Kinder Der Sehnsucht’ and ‘Die Besten’ on February 8th and 22nd as precursors of the new album, this is more than just a statement. In their eleventh year STAHLMANN raise the bar in all respects again.

Produced by Dennis Ward/Martin Soer
Photographs: Franz Schepers

Martin Soer (Vocals & Programmings), Mario Sobotka (Guitars), Eugene Getman (Bass), Dimitrios Gatsios (Drums)

Pre Order the album here:

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