Stabbing // Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught // Album Review


Texas death metal pretty much rules my universe right now.

The sheer talent coming out of the lone star state is ludicrous.

Stabbing are a new powerhouse formed only in 2021 and with their first release “Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught” are about to unleash the most vile, sickening & brutal death metal EP of 2021.

Now that being said, over the last 5-7 years the brutal death metal scene has seen an influx of new bands. And not to reign on the parade a large portion fell short for me. Where there might be technical ability, there is a lack of creative difference. Indivalism or just basic strong song writing.

Unlike those bands Stabbing has a fantastic base on which they have built their sound. Taking influence from the early 00s brutal & technical death metal like Disgorge,Devangelic, Defeated Sanity & Cerebral Effusion while also keeping the core original death metal vibe of say Cannibal Corpse or Cryptopsy.

At its basic core Stabbing represents everything great with brutal death metal. Keeping it simple but yet dirversaing the music enough that they stand out from 1000 others bands.

Which really doesn’t surprise me when the band as a whole are composed of some of the best current / old bands. Rene Martinez on drums (Check out his band Flesh Hoarder! 2nd best brutal death metal album of 2021), Marvin Ruiz on guitar, Meryl Fry on bass ex Diplocephalus & currently in the legends Scattered Remains & Bridget Lynch on vocals.

“Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught” is four tracks & only at just over 11 minutes it’s short and sweet. But for a band’s first release it’s perfect. Giving you a glimpse into the bands first efforts & what will hopefully come with a full release in 2022?

“Splatter Pit” the opening track from the first blast beat doesn’t hold any punches before switching quickly into a super groove section. Now this is what I love about good brutal death, you can blast away all day but if you don’t have solid & creative grooves it just falls flat.

Stabbing does not suffer from that. Each groove the band adds is significant & makes a real impression. The latter half of the track slows down enough to have this building intensity before finishing you with the last chop of the head before ripping straight into the next track & title track “Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught”.

The first few times I listened to the track it reminded me of the very techianal era of Cannibal Corpse on Bloodthirst, Gore Obsessed, And even The Wretched Spawn. Personally, my favourite 3 albums run for a band. Stabbing harnesses some of that frantic chaos but still holds onto the horns enough to keep the track tight & malicious.

For me even though i have stated how the whole band is monstrous Bridget Lynch’s vocal delivery on this EP is for sure the strongest & most brutal element to the whole sound. Unrelenting, pure guttural, multiple tones & has a great rhythmic cadence that a lot of vocalists miss.

The closer “Gutted By The Beast” is a great way to showcase the band’s material. I could call this track the more stript back song but it’s still 100% brutal but it feels the band have given the track room to breathe. If you like your brutal death metal a little more meat & potatoes this track is for you. Still keeping within the technical wheelhouse but a great “caveman” style back beat from Rene Martinez & Meryl Fry.

“Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught” is a bloody solid & brilliant first effort.

The band might be veterans within the brutal death metal spectrum but they haven’t lost their knack for keeping their songwriting current but also keeping one foot planted in their influences. I haven’t been this excited to hear a band’s first full length for a long while! So guys please make it quick ha!

Review: Joseph Mitchell

Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught is out via Comatose Music on December 10th 2021


1 – Splatter Pit

2 – Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught

3 – Excrement Sarcophagus

4 – Gutted By The Beast


Bridget Lynch – Vocals

Meryl Fry – Bass

Marvin Ruiz – Guitar

Rene Martinez – Drums

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