St. Catharines, ON’s lastli Release New Single/Music Video

l a s t l i promo

“Informed by latter-day Americana, of the kind that features stadium-ready choruses that lean heavily on the folk tradition but embrace contemporary instrumentation and production techniques, the Canadian outfit delivers a warm, infectious and, yes, humorous track via “i hope you’re full from eating my mind up.”Popmatters

“I Hope You’re Full From Eating My Mind Up” Music Video:

l a s t l i is the creative collaboration of Keegan Beach, Damian Birdsey, Scott Blake and Andrew Beach. After years of working together on various music and film projects, the four instinctively merged to create something close to home.

l a s t l i was formed in St. Catharines, Ontario, a shot across the lake from Toronto. The band’s instrumentation is a unique blend of Keegan and Damian’s multi-instrumental talents, forged together by Scott’s rhythm. Keegan’s lyrics are an insightful look at the human psyche in relation to social trends, relationships and existential quarrels.

Their debut album is expected to release late 2018. l a s t l i does everything in house.Their demos are written and recorded by Keegan and the band, and transferred to Damian’s studio where they are further produced and mixed. Andrew directs and produces the visual content.

Andrew says, “The project captures the romanticization of the past, and how consuming those thoughts can be. We filmed the music video in Keegan’s house, where the band does most of their writing and recording.”

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Insta: @lastlimusic

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