Split/Cross - Rise Of Discontent - Album Review
Split/Cross - Rise Of Discontent - Album Review9
Split/Cross - Rise Of Discontent - Album Review9
Split/Cross - Rise Of Discontent - Album Review9
Split/Cross - Rise Of Discontent - Album Review9
Split/Cross - Rise Of Discontent - Album Review9
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Split/Cross have used music to previously vocalise their opinions around injustices through a number of outlets including The Human Race Is Filth and the now no more Police State, and now the three piece are raising their voices once more, maybe even louder with the new name.

Originating from South Central PA, this band use a number of musical genres to make their point as we experience Hardcore, Grind, Punk and Doom to name a few as they smash their way throughout the album that raises a lot of very real worldwide issues and give the band a platform to offer support whilst also raising awareness and venting the failures in the world with dealing with such matters.

The album opens with ‘Blindspot’ a narration of how corrupt the world is and the real-life issues facing the majority of people, before the pacey and heavy drum and guitar mix begin and the passionate, aggressive vocal begins to kick in. You are certainly left in no doubt what this release is going to be about, aggression around injustices and empowerment to the people as the end of the track ends with a power speech.

This crust speed spreads throughout the album, however with the Doom/Sludge influences we also have some steadier paced sections, but in some ways that allows you to think about the points being made and take a breath before the next break neck speed section kicks in.

There is a big lean toward mental health awareness and the failings of humanity in looking out for each other and supporting each other. It feels like this album is made with the frustrations of the majority of people and will speak to more than who may have imagined.

This album lasts for 8 tracks spanning a short 22 minutes, however packs more of a punch both emotionally and musically than the majority of other releases as this though provoking and highly – charged album smashes your ear drums and provides that escape that people sometimes need.


Ed Ford

Rise Of Discontent is self-released 31st January 2019

Track List

  1. Blindspot
  2. Filth March
  3. Dis-seption
  4. Splinter
  5. Rat Cult
  6. Fallen Victim
  7. Rotten Cycle
  8. Soaked Ground






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