SPLIT/CROSS hails from South Central PA and their destructive music is the melange of grind, crust, d-beat, sludge, doom and even black/death metal. The members have been fighting all sorts of injustice through their other musical endeavors, most notably The Human Race Is Filth (sludgy crust/grind) and the now defunct Police State, for ages.

Their debut EP “Rise of Discontent” will be out on Bandcamp (for now) on Jan 31, 2019. Hard copy versions will be available when they manage to get funds by selling digital copies or get support from their fans. The music delivers a torrent of aggressive moments, soaked in sardonic and depressive interludes.

IDIOTEQ is currently streaming the fifth track “Rat/Cult” from the EP, can be checked AT THIS LOCATION 

The band states: “The song “Rat Cult” was the last song written for “Rise of Discontent”, about a week before hitting the studio. It’s basically about the disintegration of humans moral Integrity.”



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