Too Close To Me” is the new music video from Belgian Post Doom band “Splendidula”, released on December 14th 2018. The concept was created by Splendidula, as well as the production and editing of the video. The music was recorded in collaboration with JDB at Splendidula’s home studio, and mixed and mastered by Hearse Studio, Belgium. “Too Close To Me” is a song from Splendidula’s second album “Post Mortem”, released by Inverse Records on December 14th 2018.
“I’m nobody.
I’m a tramp, a bum, a hobo.
I’m a boxcar and a jug of wine
and a straight razor…
if you get too close to me”

Charles Manson

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Track list:
01. Post
02. Nami
03. Too Close To Me
04. .38
05. Insanity
06. Aturienoto
07. Stream Of Consciousness
08. Mortem
Vocals: Kristien Cools
Guitar & vocals: Pieter Houben
Guitar: David Vandegoor
Bass: Peter Chromiak
Drums: Joachim Taminau

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